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10:58 pm, May 25, 2004

I am the official Cancer of the Stevens Court apartments. Let's see who I've pissed off and why, over this as of yet unfinished school year.

Colin - After he put pudding in my mouth while I was asleep, I retaliated by cracking an egg in his bed and giving his sheets a shot of beer for my fallen homies.

Eric - Exposed some porn on his computer, then locked him out of his bedroom not once, but twice.

Drunk Mars - Woke him up repeatedly by being loud playing poker.

Kon - Let's see, there's really too many to count. There was the whole U.D. thing. There was multiple times where I drank his alcohol without his consent. Not to mention all the ridecule. Oh yeah, and the time I waited too long to wash some of the dishes I used.

Pete - Using his handtowel to dry my hands after washing them. Yes, drying clean hands. I'm not sorry for that one. I put up the sign making fun of his signs. I took a crap in their apartment a few times to his chagrin.

Andres - Yeah, after beating him in a poker hand, I gave him his own booty dance right in his face to mock him.

Everyone - Punching a hole in the wall. Puked in the bathroom sink. Knocked out the screen from the window and dented it. Hit the drywall with darts on many, many occasions. Got everyone written up.

Then, there's the shit I did that people probably didn't get too pissed about:

Passed out in the hallway, crumpled up against the wall.
Passed out on the couch / floor / empty room / bathroom.
Dropped a television from the top of the stairwell.
Peed off of the stairwell.
Peed out the window.
Bashed Mark's head against the wall. (Actually, I bet Mark wasn't too pleased about that)

And that's just what I can REMEMBER. My name's popping up on many an Enemies List right now.

I think, the next time I visit, I wouldn't be surprised if a public Caning is waiting for me.

Steve-O . . .
. . . The Slack-Jawed Yokel . . .

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2004-05-26 02:37 am

2004-05-26 03:09 am
what about the bucket of water against the door? or are you not admiting to that right now?

2004-05-26 04:05 am
Umm, that case is still pending, and my lawyers have advised me not to speak on the matter until litigation has passed.

Who is my lawyer, you ask?


Hey I thought of some others....
2004-05-26 06:22 am
What about the time that you were wrestling with Colin and ripped his shirt them spit on the couch. Or the time when you pinned me in the corner and wouldn't let me pass and I had to punch you in the nuts to get away. And there's the time when you got so drunk that you busted up your eye and came back and bled all over the paper towels. Just some other good memories. This is Juli by the way.

2004-05-26 01:07 pm
And what about the time I caught you purposefully cutting your toenails and scattering them on the carpet? You justified your actions and refused to stop. You forgot about that one.

Oh, and I get the credit for the Ohsopeachie comment. That was all me, baby.

This is Peter. You ass fuck!

2004-05-28 01:15 am
Lame, you comment in his journal, but never in mine.

2004-05-28 03:44 pm
You want me to reply to your jounal enteries?

2004-05-28 03:45 pm