And it's not even 1pm yet.

10:44 am, May 27, 2004

Why does this day SUCK so BAD?

You'd think a sick brotha like me could sleep through the fucking night . . . no dice. I'm up and down every fucking hour with these God Damned delirious, dehydrated hallucinations.

Then I get up, what do we got to eat? Fucking Cocoa Pebbles, or as I like to call them: Crispy Cat Droppings. Any O.J.? Oh HELL no! Any milk? OH FUCK NO!

So, how about lunch. No Chicken Noodle of ANY kind! Plenty of BEAN with fucking BACON, though.

How about some grape juice, that sounds like it'll hit the spot. Oh, I forgot! I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES THE DISHES IN A TIMELY MANNER AROUND HERE! And, everyone in the family seems to think it's their JOB to waste a new glass every time they need a sip of fucking water. Jesus Christ! They all drink the same shit! Soda and fucking Water! If we all stuck to one glass a day, there'd be PLENTY when the fucking maid goes down with a fucking God-damned cold!

{{Hey, I have a GREAT idea! Why don't we give Steve diarrhea? Yeah! Make him go to the fucking can twelve times a day! He'll LOVE that!}}

That's it, I ain't leavin' this fucking room, I ain't speaking to anyone, consider this day officially fucking OVER.

Current Mood: Big stinky vage-whiner
Current Music: All Jimi All The Time (Tax Free)

2004-05-27 08:15 pm
You update a lot.

thats cuz
2004-05-27 09:54 pm
steve is a good man, but his salmon pastel background sucks all the ass around town

Re: thats cuz
2004-05-27 10:45 pm
Rodger. We're gonna try "Brown Leather Coat" (with the gay ass name) and see how that stands up.

Re: thats cuz
2004-05-28 01:16 am
It looks better, but it's a little bland for your psycho personality ;)

Re: thats cuz
2004-05-28 01:55 am
OK, I'm hoping THIS is less bland. Psycho isn't as easy as it looks, color-scheme-wise

Re: thats cuz
2004-05-28 02:17 am
Still bland, but you're right...psycho is hard to convey through colors.