President of Beers Vote 2004.

6:53 pm, May 30, 2004

OK, if, by now, you have not seen the new Budweiser commercial with the triumphant return of the lizards denouncing Miller's candidacy in the race for President of Beers because the company was purchased by a South African so-and-so, then eventually you will see it and have a hearty laugh. Yes, indeed, the race is HEATING UP!

With that in mind, I'd like to give you all a rundown of the four major candidates.

Obviously you know Budweiser (The Republicans of Beer) and Miller (The Democrats of Beer). As I've said all along, a vote for Coors (Nader - Independant) is a vote for Budweiser. But, I'd like you all not to forget the dark horse (Green Party) candidate: Pabst.

For those of you who have lives and don't like to waste time on such research, I have compiled a list of the best beers under each brand's name for all of your consideration.

Budweiser - Bud (Light), Michelob, Busch, Natural Ice, Red Hook, Widmer Brothers

Miller - MGD, Miller Lite, Miller High Life, Ice House, Henry Weinhards, Hamms, Olde English 800, Milwaukee's Best, Fosters

Coors - Coors Original, Coors Light, Killians, Keystone, Zima (???)

Pabst - Pabst Blue Ribbon, Colt 45, Rainier, Olympia, Schmidt's, Schlitz Ice

Now, I would like you all to take these beers into consideration and please place your vote today. It's important to, once and for all, get this mess sorted out

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2004-05-30 10:12 pm
well, I have extremely limited experience being a non-drinker myself... but the politics intrigue me. Haha.

My vote goes to the whole super-liberal, Republican-viewed-stereotype of non-patriotic, "fuck America" stance. Thus I'm all about my favourite beer, Heineken. Hahaha.

But then again, I think the only American beer I've had is Coors, which was pretty shitty. But the Democrats are shit anyway.

So now I'll head back to Florida, where they have no clue who the candidates are and don't even know what voting entails.

Foreign Influence! Nooooo!
2004-05-31 03:18 pm
You see! This is what I'm talking about! These write-in votes are KILLING Miller's chances!

Although, I myself would vote for a third party candidate under normal circumstances. Obviously, Pabst I hold in high regard simply for their Colt 45 policy and their Schlitz Ice Initiatives. But, this is an important year and we NEED to oust the Budweiser regime once and for all. Budweiser's constant bungling over the last four years MUST come to an end!

I'm putting MY vote in for Miller, even though their commercials are ABOMINATIONS of comedy, they're still the lesser of two evils!

2004-05-31 05:53 pm
I too have to go with Miller, although this would be a landslide victory for them if they openly took credit for Hamms. They've done a fantasic job with the High Life and OE 800 (which is way better then Colt 45).

2004-05-31 10:30 pm
I have to agree with the lizards. Why choose a horse's ass when you can get the whole thing. Bud all the way, the only American vote.