"The Package" Part 2.

6:12 pm, June 4, 2004

"Alec tells me you're pretty good at what you do."

Shane just stared at the speaker, disoriented. Nevertheless, he wouldn't let himself feel intimidated by a man too afraid to show anyone his face. "Actually, Mr. Sanders, I'm the best at what I do."

"Good, that's good to hear," Mr. Sanders spoke in one of those rough voices made popular by people who enjoyed swallowing handfuls of jagged rocks. Still, even though he couldn't see Mr. Sanders, Shane couldn't help feeling the nerves a little bit, especially with Alec nowhere to be found. "But, let me tell you this: I don't want any of your pride or braggadocio getting in the way of this. These people stole something that belongs to me and for that reason alone, you can bet they're dangerous and highly intelligent - just not moreso than myself, of course. I'll deal with them personally, I just want you two to retrieve the package."

"I see that you want this, uhh, package very badly. May I ask why it's worth a million dollars to you?" Shane stood up and started pacing around the speaker.

A long pause followed before Mr. Sanders replied with, "You wouldn't understand. Just, rest assured that this package is very dear to me. And, whatever you do, don't get any ideas. This won't be of any value on the black market. It's simply something I treasure greatly and I would like it returned to me untarnished. My associate, Mr. King, should provide you both with a briefcase which will assist in your retrieving of the package. Once you accomplish this goal, not only will you both split the million dollars . . . how do you feel about the Homebase?"

"This place is a palace, sir. I've never been in a house so huge!"

"Well, once you complete your task, you'll be allowed to live there as long as you like, rent-free, with each of you having your own personal servant."

"All for just breaking into some building and getting some s-"

"PACKAGE! You must refer to it as a package, always." This had been the first time any sort of real inflection eminated from Mr. Sanders' voice, and it caused Shane to jump two feet in the air.

"Right, sir. Sorry, won't happen again."

"Listen to me. If anyone finds out about this, and it gets back to Whitford/St. Holmes, then they'll certainly flee the city and I'll have to wait that much longer for what is mine." Whitford/St. Holmes were the two-headed monster, leaders of the main rival of Mr. Sanders, and the only people who had chanced getting on his bad side without immediate repercussions. "Now, go with Alec and get this done. I'll be waiting." The speaker clicked off and the door to the room opened by itself.

Shane walked to Alec who was digging through the briefcase, making sure everything they would need was in there. "No! Alec, no guns. We can't risk it."

"What the hell are you talking about? These guys will have guns! We need to level the playing field."

"I'm not good with guns, and besides, if all goes well, we won't be needing them."

"But, that's why I'm bringing them, just in case."

"Listen to me, everything will be fine. Put them away," Shane said, slipping on a light wind-breaking jacket. He could never tell Alec his real reason for not wanting guns on the trip. It would ruin the plans he'd made with Carrie. She expected him to come through, and he couldn't very well do that with his own partner shooting at him as well.

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