I am getting RAPED in the ass like you would not believe.

4:15 pm, June 8, 2004

It's like when you're sitting at your computer, minding your own business, doing a little music downloading, listening to a little Von Bondies and Rage Against the Machine; hey, who knows, maybe Macgyver's on the TV screen and your dog is chomping food from his little dish, and then all of a sudden, someone RAMS a fucking 15 inch long cock right up in your ASS.

Yeah, so now it looks like my job status is back in limbo - and my ASS will NOT stop BLEEDING.

Oh boy, every fucking week I get the big guarantee. "You start next week. It's a done deal. Remember how I fucked you last time? Well, this time I'm just gonna BUY YOU DINNER FIRST, BECAUSE LATER ON YOU WILL BE REAMED!!!!!"

So, I've got a number of a second guy who wanted to hire me about a MONTH ago. See, I went with this other dude because he's my mom's boyfriend. Turns out: FLAKE. I'll try the other guy and see where that gets me.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I'm in debt up to my ASS right now. Yes, the very same ass I get fucked in on a semi-daily basis.

Here's a little quote from the late great Sam Kinison that I think would explain a lot.

"Oh, you called her Bobbie 'cause her name's Roberta. Well, you should've called her CUNT because she's a FUCKING BITCH!"

Current Mood: Just slightly beyond pissed
Current Music: Nirvana - Rape Me

you know what
2004-06-11 04:51 am UTC
I think you were complaining more when you HAD a job