My son's name is Blanket Jackson. Yeah, well MY son's name is Jermajesty Jackson.

10:01 pm, June 10, 2004

There's this person I know. Happens to be a friend of my mom's, even though she's somewhere in her 30s (that'd be about 10 years younger). They know each other through years of working in Real Estate.

Now, this friend, she's pretty cool. Even though she lives in Gig Harbor. And, she's had this boyfriend for about, mmm, I dunno about a year I guess give or take. Even though she's been married for years and has two kids. But, like I said, she's pretty cool. Even though she gets on my Grandma's nerves, which I find hilarious.

This cool friend of my moms, she likes to use my mom's house when my mom isn't there. Putting it delicately, she's forwarding the progress of her illicit affair where my mom would normally find shelter. Putting it bluntly, she fucks her boyfriend on my mom's bed. Rest assured, the sheets are cleaned afterward. Evidently, no one involved finds this at all odd.

I'm only mentioning this person because she may have hooked me up with a quality job, since my other options are fucking dwindling away.

It's in an office. Yes, that part is totally suckin' muchin'. It's completely commissioned based. Which will test my will to save money. Yeah, that's the same willpower that tells me it's a good idea to start using my credit card until I get a job, because surely I'll start making money by July 24th when the bill will be absolutely due.

Where is that bus already? It was supposed to run me over WEEKS ago!!! Thus putting me out of my misery.

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