Lotsa beer, Lotsa food, Lotsa Ass-Kicking at Darts by Yours Truly.

4:46 am, June 14, 2004

It's quite disturbing how badly I suck at ping pong.

OK, so a new drinking game I learned.

Take a deck of cards. It's one on one. First, the dealer has the person guess "Red or Black". If they get it wrong (they guess red and it comes up 5 of clubs) then they drink once. If they get it right, then

The dealer has the person guess, "High or Low". So, if the card is a 5 of clubs, they guess if the next card will be higher or lower. Get it wrong: drink two. Get it right, then

The dealer has ther person guess, "In or Out". So, the first card is 5 of clubs, and the second card is a 10 of diamonds. You have to guess if the next card's between a 5 and a 10. If they actually GET a five or a 10, that counts as IN. Get it wrong, you drink three. Get it right, then

The dealer has the person guess a suit. Get it wrong, drink four. Get it right, then the DEALER has to drink four.

Here's what fucks you up. Whenever the person gets something wrong, then it starts all over again from the first step. So, if you get all the way to the fourth step and you guess the wrong suit, then you have to go back to guessing "Red or Black" and start all over again. It ends when the person either gets all four steps right in a row, or they run through the entire deck. That's 52 possible drinks.

If there's more than two people, then the person who finally either wins or runs through the deck gets to be the dealer for someone else. Rinse and Repeat.

Went to bed at 9pm, woke up at 4am. That's what happens when you drink all day and get no sleep, then drive from Bellingham to Tacoma.

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