Happy 18th Mary Kate & Ashley! Welcome to Porn!.

2:14 pm, June 15, 2004

So, in all seriousness, if Britney Spears did porn, do you think that would be the most purchased magazine of all time? I bet it would have done better about a year or two ago. Maybe right around when the Toxic video was released, because we're already so close to seeing the whole package by that point. You know, I've never owned any print porno before, but I must admit I'd be tempted. Even though it's rumored that Britney has cellulite up the ass (pardon the pun). That's why air has brushes.

You know what sucks very much about summer? Right now, I've got five people on my AIM. That's not counting myself and Smarterchild (God, WHY do I still have that???). Oh, now it's down to four. And they're all idle, which I should be too, but, you know. Shit happens.

Current Mood: Tired of cleaning dogshit off my dog
Current Music: Black Flag - Six Pack (Live '84)

2004-06-17 03:47 am UTC (link)
well steve, i am back from my online hiatus, and have decided to copy your impeccable style and start my own little journal thingy, which i figure will keep me occupied at work.

p.s.- reading your entire journal has been the high point of my summer thus far. yes, it has come to that point. i must fill my life's shortcomings with massive helpings of steve