This aggression will not stand!.

9:10 am, June 17, 2004

God, I FUCKING hate that God-damned kid from that baseball game! You know what, fuck him! That guy got that foul ball fair and square! If people get knocked around, child or not, you get to simply suck it. Survival of the fittest, man.

This fucking kid, he got two bats (one from Reggie Sanders) and four balls (including one SIGNED by Nolan Ryan). Then, he got some free fucking tickets and an interview on Good Morning America. And THEN, he got MORE free tickets from the Mets. And NOW that guy is caving in because the fucking Dallas Morning News found out the dude's name and he's being pressured by a bunch of simple-minded fucks to give this fucking kid, who has so much baseball memorabilia now, what does he want with that stupid foul ball.

You know, I bet this kid uses all these bats and balls and loses at least half of them within six months. Fucking punk ass kid. Kids don't appreciate these kinds of things. The guy who dove over chairs to get at a foul ball, that's a real fan. That's a guy who knows the personal value of getting a foul ball, and he would have treasured that ball forever. PLUS, he would have had a kick-ass funny story to tell everyone. He could have even looked up the kid later on and had HIM sign it.

What are the fucking odds he ever even SNIFFS a foul ball again? Think about it, this guy is a more hated baseball fan than Steve Bartman (except in Chicago, of course). How nuts is that? He should have ran out of that stadium as soon as people started chanting. And, I bet you that chick he was with is giving him no oral for AT LEAST a year. I wouldn't blame her; after all, he did his damnedest to fuck that kid in the ass.

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