Keep on pushin' my love / Over the Borderline.

9:40 pm, June 19, 2004

You're only as queer as the number of Madonna albums you have access to. I have 11. (Though, I've only purchased five).

See, the real struggle is trying to get fit, get in shape, while you're trapped in a house full of candy and brownies and pizza and a deep fryer at your disposal 24 hours a day. That means, to go along with my philosophy of Out of Sight, Out of Stomach, I have to spend the bulk of my days in my room. Say I'm awake for 16 hours, I'd wager that on most normal days, I'm in my room for about 14-15 total hours. Door closed. Only leaving to re-fill my Iced Tea or grab the twice-daily bite to eat.

And, now that it's hot, I've got the added bonus of sweating a lot in my 500-degree oven of a room.

((The boy with cold hard cash is always Mr. Right)) yes, thank you Material Girl, I'll work on getting some of that.

Hey HEY! So tomorrow (being Sunday), I'm gonna make the 3-mile jog over to my moms' house to check out the classifieds. I was looking up the listings online today, but fuck, a lot of these are from a week ago.

How about this, though. Who out there had me pegged as a Cliff Clavin in their pool of Steve-Careers? I know the 1.5-1 bet was on me being a bum, but I'm telling you, the post office is calling my name!!! I'm telling you, it's all coming into place. I'll become a mailman, find a local bar to sit at every night, get a big, fat best friend, and bring up meaningless, useless facts every day to beautiful women so they can turn me down. IT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN LIVING TOWARDS ALL MY LIFE!!!

Current Mood: I got a book and I'm a gonna read it
Current Music: Madonna -- (you really don't want to know any more)