You know we tried to reach you / But you were much to high.

12:07 pm, June 21, 2004

So, like I've said, I NEED WORK! (( Stop that, Mr. T!))

What better solution to have for my financial woes than working at a job . . . and NOT getting paid!

You're looking at the newest Intern for the John Kerry headquarters in Tacoma, Washington.

So, I went there today, and believe me, Downtown Tacoma is not much better than that of Seattle parking-wise. I seriously would have humped a lumberjack to find some long-term free-parking. I got there a half hour early because I AM that much of a tool, ended up walking around the Broadway area (evidently, there's a fucking Broadway in every yuppie ass city). Found out that if I wanted to PAY for parking, it's approximately 2 bucks an hour, 12 bucks for 6+. I make it to the office and there is literally four people working there. We are few, we are proud, we are the Washington State Democrats!

And, you know what!!!! That chick IS hot!! Fuck off, Kon, I told you! I got the call from the lady there in the office, her name is Gi (hang on, let me consult my notes); her name is Gitane and pronounced Ja-Tahn. The only reason I even went along with this whole Internship/Volunteering thing is because she sounded so HOT on the phone. Then, I get Kon telling me that if a woman sounds hot on the phone, that means she's actually ugly and fat. Well, IN YO FACE! Even though she looked like she was about 3 or 4 years older than me, we still have something in common. She graduated from the UW too.

So, fuck me, I'll do the data entry work for free. This week, I work Tuesday through Thursday from 2-5pm. Not too shabby at all. She sounded impressed that I was willing to contribute to the letter-writing campaign. Oh yeah, the English Major paying dividends already!

OK, so it's off to poop, run a lot, snatch the classifieds, make some phone calls, run some more, eat some dinner, check out these political websites Gitane gave me, and prepare myself for the first day of real work I've had since September 30th, 2003.

Current Mood: I must find my Peenelope
Current Music: Guns N' Roses - Dust N' Bones

hey now
2004-06-22 01:31 am UTC
I bet she's no Peenalope.