Back Yard Baseball 2004.

3:41 pm, July 2, 2004

Box Score.

My brother Josh and Me - 5

Friends Chris, Jake, & Catalogues - 4

Steven CG 9 innings, 4 runs, 4 earned runs. 4.00 era Win 1-0 record.
Jake 5 innings 3 runs, 3 earned runs 5.40 era Loss 0-1 record
Catalogues 3 innings, 2 runs, 2 earned runs 6.00 era.

Breakdown. I started off shakey, loading the bases and walking in the first run in the first inning, but got out of the jam. End 1st, 0-1.

In the second inning, Catalogues hit a solo leadoff homer. I loaded the bases AGAIN but got out of the jam once again. End 2nd, 0-2.

I settled down the rest of the game, getting into only a couple of minor jams, but didn't give up any runs again until the top of the ninth inning.

My brother and I were struggling against Jake's pitching, not scoring until somewhere in the third. End 3rd, 1-2.

It was in the fifth inning, with walks on my part and lucky hits off of power lines and dribblers down the third base line, where Josh and I took the lead. End 5th, 3-2.

The score didn't change until the 8th inning, where Josh and I added two insurance runs with timely hitting off of Catalogues who had stymied us for the first two innings. End 8th, 5-2

OK, now it's the top of the ninth. To get out of the 8th, I had to give it all I had with a hard fastball blown past the hitter. My arm was hamburger. The inning started off poorly, walking Chris. Catalogues got hit in the back for runners at first and second. That brought up Jake who had a monster on base percentage for most of the game. It's a little sketchy there, but Catalogues had to leave, I ended up getting one out. Then, two runs were scored off of a monster double that could have been a homer a few years ago. However, my pitching prowess prevailed as I shut down Chris in the final at bat, striking him out looking to end the game.

My record is unmatched in Backyard baseball, where I have the philosophy of going the complete game. You start it, you finish it, and I almost ALWAYS do. No one can fuck with the Jesus.

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your skills
2004-07-06 06:17 pm UTC
I challenge you to a B-yard Baseball game. Will you accept?