(Ocean Shores 4th).


So Kon and I rolled into Ocean Shores around 8pm on Saturday night. In a game of HIGH LO RED BLACK, Kon had to drink 46 drinks to my 4. In the second game, he drank 50 to my ONE. As you can tell, he was too fucked up for words. We ended up taking down 12 Hamms down, 7 for me, 5 for Kon.

Sunday, July 4th was the day for legends. We had a huge list of activities to get to. We built the Sparkler bombs, two of them, out of 20 dollars worth of sparklers. They were both huge, fiery crap-failures. With the other 40 bucks, we got two large pizzas at Dugans and they were most excellent.

Our first musical performance came later, Kon on guitar, me on drums. It was freezing, it was smokey, and we couldn't hear each other, but we ROCKED the beach. For those who witnessed that amazing feat, you were in for a real treat. Even though we drank our beer too fast and ended up leaving before finishing our set.

The Days Inn hotel pool sucked donkey balls, going 5 ft at its deepest. There was child urine and fat chicks EVERYWHERE. Obviously, Kon was in heaven.

During the day (before our late-night musical show), we played football, baseball, frizbee, and Nerf football, annoying everyone around us, hitting plenty of cars, and drinking MORE beer.

Sadly to say, we did not get to rent a VCR for which to watch The Godfather or some of the amazing porn selection the Days Inn had to offer, because VCR's cost 10 bucks at the front desk.

Likewise, the sandcastle was out, and since the chicks there were too ugly even for the huge beer goggles I was sporting, we didn't get the women in our beds either.

Get a load of this, though, there was a Dune fire that ravaged the many bushes in our path. Also, Kon was such a drunken loof (across between a loser and a doof) that he fell into some bushes on the way back to the hotel room and I had to drag his ass all the way back.

With that, and his puking in a plastic bag on the drive back home, it was the best 4th of July holiday I've ever had. In two nights, we finished a combined 48 Hamms, two large pizzas, and I clogged the toilet on the morning of checkout.

In other backyard baseball-related news: : : :

Today, I pitched a complete game, not giving up any runs until the 8th inning, winning 4-2.

In the second, abbreviated 3-inning game, I pitched all three of those innings, giving up 1 run, winning 10-1. Both of those with my brother on my team and Chris as designated hitter.

Later tonight, in a 1-on-1-on-1 game of 8 innings, I won 15-14-14. In the first four innings pitching against my brother, I gave up 1 run. In the last four, pitching against Jake, I gave up considerably more runs. The game was called on account of the plastic bat was shattered in half and the sprinklers came on.

In backyard baseball, I am a GOD. I have already had multiple challenges now, if anyone were to play in MY back yard, they would certainly lose. This is not just bragging, this is fact. My velocity is unmatched and my stamina can't be beat. 20 innings in one day, two and a half header.

ERA for the season (Regular Games) :: 21 IP, 7 ER; 3.00 ERA ;; 3-0 Record in 3 games
ERA for the season (1-on-1-on-1 Games) :: 8 IP, 8 ER; 9.00 ERA ;; 1-0 Record in 1 game

Total ERA for 2004 :: 29 IP, 15 ER; 4.66 ERA

Record 4-0. Oh that's right. I went there.

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