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10:35 pm, July 10, 2004

A two-day trip, TRIP into Bellingham.

First night, oh yeah Miller High Life. Champagne of beers. Watched a whole bunch of Samurai Jack on DVD and tried my first attempt at watching Young Guns.

On Friday, hey HEY, actually woke up at 11:30 in the A M. Shitted around for a while, played some Techmo Bowl, drank some more Beer Champagne. Went to play some Home Run Derby and I roped a few pretty darn hard, man. I also bit one in the field on my ass and fouled one back into this yard which had a dog EXACTLY like the one on The Sandlot. He was fucking eating the ball!

After that, Jake and I went to Western to get his last paycheck at the library. Yep, it was too bad that I couldn't go to Warped Tour, but you'll see why later.

Had pizza that night. Artechoke Hearts as the topping. Actually, it wasn't half bad. More beer back at the house and then it was off to dominate some Movie Trivia. Here's the winning question:

Name the movie from the alternate title: "Pastures of Imagenings." The answer is below.

Didn't make it back to the house until 1 am or so. My most genius moment of the night: Connecting Samuel L. Jackson to John Travolta in two steps WITHOUT using Pulp Fiction. It goes: John Travolta was in "Look Who's Talking" with Bruce Willis (voice of the baby) who was in "Unbreakable" with Samuel L. Jackson. BOO-YAH.

That night, took on some green, watched a fucked up episode of Samurai Jack that freaked the HELL out of me, then passed out trying, once again, to watch Young Guns.

You know, I've never seen so many lesbians in all my life. On the first night, during our beer-drinking excursion, we went out to someone's 21st birthday party in the tallest building in all of Bellingham (14 stories, baby). Not only was the 21 year old of lesbian persuasion, but her girlfriend was there, and two others were in attendance. Then, the next day, the Landlord's lesbian lover came over in the morning (with me passed out on the couch) looking for a cell phone she lost while trying to dig out all of the sewage that seeped into the backyard from a leaky pipe. I walked in it, you don't want to know what it was like. Then, on the way out, we saw two more lesbians crossing the street. And, except for the landlord's lady-friend, they weren't all that bad looking. Defying trends, that's Bellingham for you.

And, for my trouble, I got a free Hooka that is the COOLEST fucking thing you'll ever see in your life. Also got a George W. Bush - Chimpanzee t-shirt, a weird colored rotating light-globe, a poster of Tupac and Snoop Dogg, a poster of Salma Hayek, and a two-foot long water pipe. Oh yeah, THAT kind of water pipe. I've got all the paraphernalia I'll ever need now. But, the hooka, oh man, it's this monkey with huge yellow bug-eyes that stick on via magnet, and four long tubes sticking out of its head, with the bowl in the center. Tré Groovy.

Finally, the answer. "Pastures of Imagenings" is "Field of Dreams" For those of you who got that within two seconds of seeing it, then you would have beaten Jake and me.

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