Backyard Baseball Numbers (Intimidation Factor).

4:29 pm, July 12, 2004

Here's my latest line today.

Game 1: 9 innings, 0 earned runs, Complete Game Shutout, Win 3-0. Oh yeah, and at the plate? 3 run home run, which was an inside the park home run. That's right. Speed AND power.

Game 2: didn't pitch. However, my team won again, this time 6-2. Once again, I hit a 3 run home run, this one being the second longest shot out of my yard in the HISTORY of Backyard Baseball.

I await my next opponent with the UTMOST confidence. So far this year, as of the beginning of the month, my overall record is 7-0, my official pitching record is 5-0.

3.46 era in 39 innings, with 3 complete games, 1 shutout and 1 save.

It's too bad I'm not anal enough to actually keep my hitting stats, so I don't know my average. However, I've hit 4 home runs this season, over the last 3 games.

Hot at the plate? Hot on the mound? Hot on the BOD, baby! Oh yeah!

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2004-07-13 01:29 am UTC
Haha. Peter and I laughed at that game when we were at Fry' you're playing it =/ How very very sad, Steve-O.