(Smart & Stupid).

8:36 pm, July 13, 2004

I'm what's known as a quasi-pseudo-intellectual, and I can't relate to people much smarter or much dumber than myself.

I don't know why people enjoy Nascar or why people listen to NPR.

And, I don't really know what quasi and pseudo mean when put together like that.

I still find humor in Animaniacs, yet I can also find something thought-provoking in The Daily Show.

So, how am I supposed to know how to get people my age to want to vote (and vote Kerry, I might add) when I can't even convince my own brother not to vote for Bush?

People see the glasses and they see my demeanor in the workplace and they just assume I'm an intelligent guy. Granted, I don't swear like some of the sailors we got working in the Kerry office; I don't talk much at all. I do my fucking job and I keep my fucking mouth shut and I slip out like a fart in the fucking wind, undetected by many. Also, like that fart, something about that persona surely does stink.

Now, I've gotta go in there tomorrow at the buttfuckingcrack of dawn (9am) and brainstorm with my peers, most of which are probably either smarter or dumber than I, thus completely unable to relate to my affinity for a fine wine chased by a cheap 40, about how to get college-aged kids to vote.

And, the best they can come up with is stopping by coffee houses with leaflets. Yes, I know all the people who read this just LOVE going to grab a cup of coffee and having some jerk-off approach you with a political agenda. It's only slightly better than those religious nuts trying to save your fucking soul from eternal hellfire.

You know, check that. If these people want to BRAINSTORM ideas on how to annoy the fuck out of apathetic people, then there's no WAY these people are smarter than me. Smarter than I. Whatever.

Here's an idea: impose some fucking penalty to people who could vote but don't. Like a year in prison. That'll show the stupid fuckers. There are so MANY fucking potential Democratic voters out there, there's no reason why ANY election should be in doubt. But, these dickheads have better things to do with their 2nd Tuesday in November Every 4 Years. You see, the RNC do not have anything better to do. They're like old people. They wait around and salivate for that fucking day. Too bad the rest of the Donkey's in America couldn't foresee the fucking plunder of our country by an imbecile in 2000. Michael Moore could've done something else with his time.

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From Pete
2004-07-15 12:43 am UTC
buttfuckingcrack of dawn (9am)? Try getting to work at 4:45am. And just for cracks, don't leave work until 5pm. That's what I've done this week. Heh.