Times I've RISEN to the Occasion, instead of simply shuffling over to it.

11:15 pm, July 16, 2004

Driving back to Steven's Court from Sarah's after the BROWNIES and making it back safely. Weaving in and out of multiple cop traps along the way all the while RESISTING Kon's urging to stop off for some Jack in the Box. (Dude, we are NOT going to Jack in the Box!)

Hung over as ALL hell after a 20+ beer day/night at camping, driving home from the Cascades to Tacoma and on into Redmond to drop Kon's ass off at home.

After about seven Jack and Cokes, among other things, driving my mom home who was puking out of the passenger window. That night of Karaoke will be remembered as the night I not only got her home, but walked 3 miles back to my Dad's house at 2 in the morning.

With the low point being when I broke my glasses and the bone over my eye, I still managed to walk around for hours upon hours, eventually making my way BACK to my car to pass out bleeding all over myself. Grit and determination, that's my middle name.

There was that doomed trip with Megan and her cronies when we decided to go watch the Northern Lights last year in North Bend or some shit. We trespassed on a middle school field, had a little of the green stuff, and got pulled over by a cop who thought we vandalized the place. Looking a cop in the eye while TRYING not to look him in the eye and saying, "No officer, we're all just ... tired." Now THAT was a sweat that froze upon release.

Swimming like a drunken bear in sub-frozen temperatures in Port Angeles, retrieving a luke-warm Hamms from floating ever further away, and making it back to level ground without drowning. I tell you, swimming with your legs perpendicular to the ground ahead of you, that is NOT good times.

But, I think the time I'm most proud of is leaving Tacoma at 10pm, driving south all night, for 11 straight hours, sleeping in a Rest Area in Weed, CA under a blazing fucking heat in my CAMARO, using a blanket to block out the sun somewhat, sweating all over my pillow, making it INTO San Francisco for just long enough to buy some CDs at Amoeba, some chicken strips at Safeway, a room at Motel 6, watch Arnold become the state's new Governor, leave the next day, on my way out stopping at the In-And-Out Burger (shut the FUCK up Donny), and making it home all in a 40-something hour period. I was alone. I was all by myself. No one was LOOKING ... I was thinking of you. Oh yeah, did I mention ... I was all by myself!

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