Let me preface this by saying that our team DID win..

10:16 pm, July 18, 2004

Evidently, our team name is the ... hold on, let me look this up. The Chihuahua's. OK, so I wasn't around for the naming of the Softball team, OKAY??? Besides, nothing but Bloody Tampon's will top Team Ramrod, so stick it!

I made it up to Renton again tonight for my place as the team's designated replacement outfielder. And, since they didn't know if I was actually gonna show up, I was last in the batting order, but THIS time I deserved it.

First at bat, I was the last out, popping up to 2nd base. I thought I had a good swing on that shit, too!

Second at bat, I blooped a single in between the 2nd baseman and the outfielders. I thought I was gonna CRUSH it, but evidently I was getting under ALL the balls today.

So, that sets us up for my outstanding outfield play. I'm in left center (yes, the speed position. I'm fast for my size, so DOUBLE STICK IT!). There's a girl, about my height, quite skinny yet slow in right center. Evidently, I call people off on fly balls like a girlie man, because she didn't hear me and we ended up colliding, my groin crashing into her groin, my glove just in front of hers. Caught the ball, got knocked to the ground while she just stood over me, felt okay. Stood up, threw the ball in and, OOOOO, the delayed reaction! My NUTS! MY POOR, POOR NUTS! Had to take a breather, but there was no time, that was only the second out of the inning.

I survived, though. Even though the crashing of the groins was NOT as hot as it sounds, I made it to my next at bat to promptly pop the ball up AGAIN! Fuck me, 1 for 3. WHY YOU GOTTA BE LIKE THIS!?!?

17-2 though. That was the final score. With me on their team, they're 2-0. And, now back up to .500 in the league.

Next week, we need girls to play. 3pm in Renton. Be there or be square (except you don't know where it is, so give me a holla and I'll get you on the team).

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