Tonight we can be as one.

3:39 pm, July 20, 2004

Today I'm sporting the farmer-tan of ALL farmer-tans. Of course, I've got the farmer-body of all farmer-bodies too, so I guess it works. Well, I actually don't know any farmers, but let's just say I'm no kind of swimsuit model.

When I think about it, at the moment I'm drastically behind the curve. However, if I can maintain EVERYTHING about me right now, that's including hair, weight, muscle, personality, then I'll reach around to the good side of the curve in about 20 years. So, when I'm about 45, I'll be hot shit in the middle-aged community. By then, most of the guys who're better looking than me and getting all the chicks, they'll be married and starting on their beer bellies. Now, I just gotta hold off for another 20 years, don't let the deer gut run too rampant, keep up the running every so often (of course, leave it to me to have the President Clinton syndrome, where I run and all this shit, but I still look the SAME!), and I'll be attracting some 40+ year old hotties in that time.

You see, in everything you do, you just gotta put a positive spin on things and it'll make your day!

Hey hey, by the way, I've got an interview with that Security guard position tomorrow at 2pm. It'll kill my weekends and nights, but I'm gonna see if it can't work. Money is money and I'm ready for MORE.

Current Mood: Sock-less. Shoe-less.
Current Music: U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live @ Red Rocks)