When I try to explain it to people, I just tell 'em, I'm still holding out hope of becoming a priest.

7:38 am, July 25, 2004

It's true, I do look better without my glasses on ... but maybe that's because I see like shit without them.

It's hard to garner respect, especially when I've spent all my waking days doing everything in my power to have it stripped from me chunks at a time. Years of being the sloppy drunk, of being the social misfit, of being the bubbly goofhead in the presence of friends and strangers alike (even though I'm anything but in my own home).

Take, for instance, this security-officer job (please!). NOBODY respects security guards, not even the people they're supposedly protecting. Not even other security guards who actually get to HAVE weapons. And especially not cops. Even if they DO look motherfucking SEXY in their uniforms (like I most certainly DO!).

Here's something funny to note. I've been a security officer for two days now. I have already broken almost a dozen of the rules in this time.

Let's look at the tale of the tape:

- Both nights I have fallen asleep. I start at 9pm and get off at 7am. I'm telling you, that 3am to 4am period is a BITCH. Both nights, 3am and I'm OUT. On the floor (which makes sleeping on the floor at home come in that much more handy, since I can just fall out into sleep with no problems). I'm SO glad I shelled out the 10 bucks for this watch today. It has an alarm, so I can set it for when I need to wake my ass up and make my rounds.

- Sat in my car instead of in the office. That was the first night. I was falling asleep so much, I needed somewhere else to be.

- Used the phone to make personal calls

- Listened to cds on my discman

- Read a book

- Didn't perform duties as written (They want me to check inside the vacant apartments EVERY hour. I just shined the flashlight in the windows. Also, tonight I just skipped one of my rounds because I was asleep)

- Not wearing a t-shirt under my uniform. Fuck 'em. I'll sweat all up in this motherfucker.

- Didn't shower on my first day before work. And that was AFTER a 2 mile run in 90 degree weather. Hey! I was running behind!

- Had a lengthy conversation with one of the tennants the first night while I was on duty. You're SUPPOSED to keep conversation to a minimum.

- Utilized all the free time to get some writing done. At least this job will be effective for SOMETHING I care about. Obviously, it'll kill any kind of social life I'd hoped to have. Maybe I can become a daytime drunk instead.

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot ...
2004-07-26 01:26 am UTC
So, this place, these apartments, why they need security is because there were people who broke into the vacant apartments and started up meth labs.

There, I've broken another rule, "Talking about the Client"