Taylor Family Camping Trip 2004.

8:41 pm, August 1, 2004

Hooo Boy! Are my bosses PISSED at me!

They've left four messages this weekend since I told them I had a "family emergency" which would prevent me from working this weekend. The first week and I'm already lying to get time off. I'm gonna go in tomorrow and quit, because really I'm as good as fired anyway.

But, fret not, I had a GREAT time camping, and that's all that really matters.

Well, that and, since I worked two days at this hotel giving them extra security for their parking lots, I've made a friend. The head security dude for Double Tree Hotel LOVES me for some reason. I think he sees me as his protege or something. He's gotten me an interview with their sister hotel, the Hilton (also in Seatac), and from the sound of it, if I don't get hired on there, he's gonna snap me right up for his team. Do I know how to make a first impression or WHAT? So, I work for them under a different company, and after two days, they want to steal me away!

Anyway, back to camping. I got back from work around 5am, called into work to say I wasn't coming in, then I went to bed. This was last Thursday. Woke up at 10am, picked up my friend Jake, bought a SHITLOAD of beer, and off we went.

Now, the idea was to drink 15 beers a day each. Over three days, the plan was 45 beers each. We bought 96 just to be on the safe side.

The first night was pretty low key. We each went through the exact quota in Pabst and Miller High Life.

The next day, oh man! It was bad. It was fucking hot and I was fucking hung over. Of course, we started drinking in the afternoon while we were out jet skiing. After a couple naps, I was ready for the night. My cousin Peggy stopped by with her friend Big Angie. That's not an ironic nickname either, she was a BIG woman. And, what Taylor Family Camping Trip would be complete without someone hitting on one of my friends? Last year, Kon had the honor of being offered to my 31 year old cousin Peggy, but Kon respectfully declined, even though he had double-digit beers in him. This year, it was Big Angie offering herself to Jake. Kon, all I've gotta say is you missed out on TONS of LOVIN'. Jake decided to decline, though. In the end, Peggy and I stayed up until 8am, but I couldn't take any more beer. I'm thinking I passed the 20-beer mark that night, but she is the fucking Energizer Bunny! Last year, we drank to a draw, this year I was TROUNCED!

That leads us up to the final day. Slept in till 2pm, then went out to jump off the cliff into 7 feet of freezing ass water. I did it, just like I promised I would, even though I was the hugest puss and waited up there for like a half hour, "enjoying the scenery." After that, it was back to camp. Since everyone was up till all hours of the night the night before, everyone else was out of beer. And Jake and I were ahead of the game! But, my stomach was KILLING ME. I had to concede defeat. All the Rainier and Hamms I drank the night before did not leave me in a proper state of body. For the first time in my life, I COULDN'T DRINK!!!

On the bright side, I didn't have to drive home with a monster of a hangover like last year. I do think I actually drank myself sick, though, because I've been blowing my nose ALL DAY today.

Kon, I've gotta say, YOU SHOULDA BEEN THERE! Jake's not nearly the drinking partner you are! If you were there, we would have sent Peggy and Big Angie RUNNING FOR THE HILLS! Uncle Mike misses ya too. He kept tellin' me, "That Kon, he's a good kid." I think I have it understood, Uncle Mike only remembers you when he's DRUNK. It all makes sense now! That, and I finally found out what a jice was. Amanda says you're a jice and Jake is not.

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