(Some Kind Of Monster).

11:58 pm, August 3, 2004

So, today, try to picture it.

I'm going to the movies in Lakewood. I'm wearing my shorts with the HUGE hole in the crotch (stop DROOLING, ladies, I'm not finished!). To cover up the package, I put on my dark blue Long Johns on underneath. Skin-tight, baby! Got my white socks, my Airwalks, my long-sleeve white t-shirt. I was WORKIN' it.

Saw "Some Kind of Monster" the Metallica documentary. I laughed, I cried, I scratched my balls because those Long Johns are HOT. And I mean that in EVERY sense of the word.

I've noticed something. At times, Lars is so completely disconnected, and at others he's locked in there. But, ALL the time he just reminds me of a huge, drum-playing 5-year old.

You know, I'd like JUST once to see some hot-ass lesbians on TV. They keep showing stories of these civil unions, and I'm TIRED of this shit. If you can't give me hot lesbian action, then just show some fucking drunk ass college chicks. That's all I'm asking!

Oh, and go watch the Tenacious D DvD. JB's BJ, that's all I'm gonna say. AND Rock Star Sperm for Sale. If it wasn't the D, I'd say that's just TOO much male fluid.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go make me a hot dog with NO BUN, because the buns we HAD fucking disappeared! (I can't believe my last words to her were, "Remember, no foot longs.")

Current Mood: Bus Station Skank
Current Music: Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water

your clothing choices
2004-08-04 11:47 pm UTC
Steve, if you're going to be my love life judge, then I'm most definitely allowed to be your clothing judge. I veto the long john/ holy shorts mix.

Re: your clothing choices
2004-08-05 08:14 am UTC
Love life judge? Thats like taking over the Clippers, good luck.

Re: your clothing choices
2004-08-06 01:02 am UTC
No kidding! Big S has the discerning eye of a Big Angie who's had seven beers. "Anyone who's willing, come on back to my tent."

But, you know, I'm up to the challenge. There will be no douchiness on MY watch!

Re: your clothing choices
2004-08-07 01:28 am UTC