Hey, who invited "I'll Pay Tomorrow" Guy?.

10:12 pm, August 8, 2004

Oh the Ahhms! Oh the Ron-yay!

That's the sexified way of saying Hamms and Rainier.

The beer drinking excitement started on the car ride to Port Angeles. Peeing in the bar was a highlight of the trip there. Kon and I drank till 5am or so, with Spence and Elmer. Two guys who would rather not vote than vote Kerry. Spence tells me that he WANTS Bush to win so the country will hit bottom and we'll finally see the error of our Two-Party ways. That guy's a RIOT.

The next day, Steph and Gretchen woke us up at the FUCK crack of 10am. Well, actually, they TRIED to get us up at 8, after a long night of me poking Steph's ass with my toes. Evidently, when I pass out, I sleep with my knee bent and I NEVER stop fidgeting around. That, and my congested nose turned me into a lean, mean snoring machine.

We went to town so I could crap in a bagel-shop bathroom. That was good times until someone was jiggling the door handle trying to get in. You just CAN'T rush something like that! So, I was bowelly uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Got back, got a nap in, then it was OFF to the Devil's Punchbowl for swimming. Actually, they weren't getting MY ass in that freezing cold water after that buttfuck of a hike there, so I got to watch Kon and Crazy Amy jump off the 65 foot high cliff.

Then, it was another buttfuck of a hike back to the Compound followed by MORE beer. We couldn't stay long because Steph and Gretch wanted to get back, so the beer drinking excitement continued all the way home in the car. I was in RARE form, let me tell you. Lil' Jon out the car window, just generally being a huge nuisance. Of course, Kon was in sheer misery from hearing me sing some Rick James "Superfreak" (we'll miss you Rick! You were our Funk GOD) and the Lion Sleeps Tonight song (hours of me singing A-Weem-A-Way, A-Weem-A-Way). So, he took it out on my arm in the form of PUNCH PUNCH PUNCHING. Between him hitting my left arm and Sarah hitting my right, I'm never leaving the house without an arm-brace again.

As soon as we got to Bianca's house I passed out on the couch. Somehow I didn't wake up the entire house with my ranting. Of course, we made it all the way back and, oh that's right, I fucking LOST my wallet. GOD I'm a douche! Got a call today, someone named Jennifer says she has it. Oh yeah, in PORT ANGELES! A fucking asshole of a drive ahead for me tomorrow. And, of course, I have my job interview at 2. You think they'd hire me if I told them I got buttfucking drunk and lost my wallet over the weekend? Boy, I hope so.

Hey, at least I had the fortitude NOT to smoke out while I was at the Compound. Hell, getting the tent set up the first night in a drunken fury was a fucking victory in itself.

Oh yeah, and Kon and I have got our band all set. He's gonna get to pick five songs to cover and I'm gonna get five. We even have a name for our band. Big Sarah. That's the BEST name for a band I've ever heard. You hear that Sarah? You're gonna be IMMORTALIZED! When we play Carnegie, we'll make sure to get you front row seats. You'll also be happy to know that your new moniker is taking off like WILDFIRE. We got Steph and Gretch saying it ALL weekend! (God, I'm gonna get my ass KICKED, I just know it)

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