Port Angeles, Take 2.

12:14 am, August 11, 2004

C-man, are you ready to slap your forehead in frustration?

You remember that girl Katie over at the Compound? Tall, blonde hair, talked a lot? Well, over the last 24 hours I happened to see her in a bikini down by the dock.

You could've seen her in a lot less.

But, let me start from the beginning. I woke up around 9am yesterday and called up the girl Jennifer who had my wallet. She told me to be at the lodge by 7:00 because that's when it closes. Of course, I had the job interview at 2:00.

This lady, her name's Dixie Somethingorother, and she's the head of security for both the Hilton and Double Tree Hotels in Seatac. Now, it didn't start off too well because I had to tell her right off that I quit NW Protective. That got a funny look, but she understood when I told her that I didn't like being bounced around all over the place. You know, from that point on, I don't think I actually told the TRUTH for the rest of the interview. She was asking me all these questions like what do I do when I don't get along with an employee, or a time I handled my shit during an emergency, or when I dealt with a really irate customer. Shit man! I've never REALLY experienced ANY of those things on the job or off for that matter. So, I fucking made up answers ON THE SPOT. I mean, I was drawing BLANK after BLANK after BLANK. I'm telling you, that creative writing degree may have come in handy after all.

So, I guess it went OK, but I have yet to hear from the lady. I was outta there by 2:20, so I BOOKED it home and made it back to Tacoma by 3:00. There was moderate to heavy traffic, so fuck off! I left Tacoma around 3:30 after eating and getting changed; arrived at the Log Cabin Resort at around 6:00. Went to the lodge. No wallet. No Jennifer. Went to the Compound. No wallet. No Jennifer.

But Katie was there. This is where you come in, C-man. See, she walked me around so we could ask anyone and everyone who worked there if they'd seen or heard about my wallet. We got back with NO luck, and so she offered to give this Jennifer a call. Evidently, she was off work the next two nights and was out hiking or something. We left Jen a message and went inside for a beer. Hey, it'd been a long day!

A beer turned into, oh I don't know, a DOZEN. Well, you know what? I wasn't about to leave Port Angeles without my Bad Mother Fucker, all right!

I'm not gonna lie to you, C-man, we talked quite a bit that night. Well, actually she prattled on for what seemed like HOURS and I threw in some "uhh huhs" and "oh yeahs?" and "You don't say's". The point IS, she said you were hot. In fact, her exact words were, "He was my crush for the weekend."

And then we had to leave.

Thanks to Steph and Gretchen's eagerness to leave, you missed out on the good potential for hot Tent-City lovin'. Go ahead, slap your forehead now.

And now you're so over in her mind! As per her words anyway. To think about it. Hot chick, not wanting ANYTHING close to serious, and she had the hots for you pretty much on the spot. I'm sorry to lay it out like this.

Anyway, let me get back to my story. Amy wasn't there that first night, so I mostly hung out with Katie and Jake and Spence. Jake, let me tell you, this guy is like a subdued Beavis. He's into pyro and he's got that look, and he's promised someone who fucked with his truck some Napalm Diarrhea. Just the way he talks, everything. But he's funny as all hell. So, passed out around 2am or so.

Awake at 10:30. The Compound during the day is a LONELY place, let me tell you. I was bored out of my MIND, I had no food so I didn't get to eat for the first, mmm, 10 hours of my day, when Katie brought chips and salsa to the Kill Bill party tonight. Saw Amy for about 20 minutes total today, then she split.

And, the end result? Jen never showed up and besides that . . . there may be a DIFFERENT Jen at a completely different LODGE! What the fuck!!!

So, I'm STILL without my wallet and now I'm hoping that no one's used my credit cards.

Oh yeah, and I haven't crapped in about two days.

Current Mood: Food tastes good.
Current Music: Metallica - Trapped Under Ice

I'm not gonna lie to you...
2004-08-11 10:33 pm
that sucks. Looks like the bear ate me on this one. Hey on the bright side I didn't miss out on your crappy ass singing during the LONGEST car ride of my life. Dude, next time we go somewhere and I want to stay the night, I'll just steal your wallet and wait for you to pick me up the next day. Sounds like I'm "So Yesterday" now. But hey there will be others, though probably not in Tent-City.

-(a read foreheaded) Big K-man

Re: I'm not gonna lie to you...
2004-08-11 11:52 pm
Hey, don't take the "So Yesterday" thing to heart you Hillary-Duff's-Music-loving DOUCHE! Like I said, if she was out for anything, it would have been Wham-Bam-Thank-You- . . . Kon.