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11:31 pm, August 13, 2004

So, here's a HUGE nerd alert.

It's a Friday night and I'm home alone. Why not tabulate into an Excel Spreadsheet my all time Pitching Statistics?

Now, for those of you who don't like baseball stuff, I'd advise not reading further.

For those who should QUIVER IN FEAR (and you know who you are) at my awesome prowess in my own backyard, let's run down the numbers.

My career totals add up as thus:

556 Innings Pitched (in 4 seasons, though one was abbreviated and this season ain't finished)
145 Earned Runs Allowed which accounts for an
E.R.A. of 2.35.

Now, here's the fun part. My record.

My pitching record, from games I had full control in, is 59-7-2 {yes, there have been TIES in the past. It's a bitch, and luckily there haven't been any this year}

My all time record in games I've just played in is 79-12-8 {these ties blow, let me tell you. I've been looking over my past notes}

Here's a running trend I've noticed:

I'm the best player out there. Period. Take that to the BANK. However, Jake's the best hitter. Chris over the years has had the best power. Josh of recently has become an on-base machine. Brian Smith is the WORST fielder of all time (you KNOW this is true, Chris. Remember?) And Peter Smith was always a liability, but he has never lost while on my team and me pitching. Catalogues? Yeah, he's always lost a LOT.

So, Kon, Sarah, you two SCARED? Well, you SHOULD be! I've played in 99 games and won 79 times! With 48 Complete Games, 13 Shut Outs, 5 Saves, and one No Hitter with a 1-hitter thrown in too (with all but 2 outs being strike outs, one of my FINEST performances)! Of course, my 26 career home runs doesn't make my batting look too good, especially since I only got ONE home run in 1998 (38 games played). But, this year, let me tell you, 16 homers in 15 games. I'm BETTER. I'm not the guy who went the last five games of 1997 hitless and the first two games of 1998 hitless (yet still going 4-1-2 in that span). Some time, before the school year, we HAVE to make this happen, but it looks like foo's be chickenin' out. Tsk tsk tsk, too bad.

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I'm gonna have to carry Big Sarah if she is on my team, and that is no easy task.

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2004-08-14 06:08 pm (local) (link)
Don't worry, we'll rent you out a forklift. We got a good-sized hose here too, with solid water pressure. I mean, it can't be good to be out of the WATER like that for so long! I'm no marine biologist or anything . . .

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Total Nerd Alert