A Reprise.

9:51 pm, August 15, 2004

So, I just finished another volume of my written journal (it's taken two years to finish. This is like my 8th volume or something since the start of High School. That's 1995 for you youngsters out there). At the end, I've written my predictions for the next two years. Let's see how many of these actually happen.

These are predictions of what will happen before I finish the NEXT written journal of my life.

I will get laid (ha! that's rich).
I will get and keep a full time job.
I will have moved out.
I will get a girlfriend.
I will buy a four-slice toaster (if nothing else, I'm making SURE this happens. It's my safest bet).
I will have to put my dog Rocky to sleep (how sad! I don't wanna read that!).
I will have finished writing two more novels.
I will have at least ONE of my novels read by a professional in the business.
I will lose significantly more hair.
I will surpass 1000 cd's.
I will get in a car accident.
I will have smoked and quit long-term at least twice.
I will lose my car keys in a drunken frenzy.
I will not be living in this state.
I will have gotten into at least one real fist fight.
I will be twenty pounds lighter.
I will get a speeding ticket.
I will lose two grandmothers.
I will be hospitalized for something major.
I will have my car totally pimped out.
I will meet a celebrity.
I will win over $1,000 in Vegas.
I will not die.

Now, these aren't necessarily goals I'm trying to meet (although, some of them very much ARE). These are just my predictions. I'm feeling very much like the Nostradamus (Negrodamus? Nastradamas?) right now, so we'll see.

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