(Backyard Baseball Game Recap).

6:18 pm, August 17, 2004

14 Shutout Innings Later ...

Yes, today I was on. First game, complete game shutout 5-hitter, winning 16-0 with Josh on my team.

Game two, Josh started, I relieved a couple of times early on, but he made it through the fifth inning to qualify for the win. Then, it was Steve-Time. Got the save, thanks to a HERCULEAN effort. 25 runs scored, while Josh only gave up 12 runs in his four innings.

So, in one day, I got a win and a save, ran my record to 13-0 (17-0 over all), lowered my ERA 47 points to 2.94

Also, I have WRITTEN the rules. Three pages jam packed of Backyard Baseball rules and regulations. I'll be more than happy to send them to anyone who's willing, just as soon as I make the final revisions.

You know you're scared.

Also, the pictures are finished and I'll get them developed tomorrow. Kon, your life's greatest achievement of jumping into the Punchbowl will FINALLY have visual proof for anyone to see.

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