They don't call Happy Meals "Cancer Bags" so why do they call cigarettes "Cancer Sticks"?.

9:33 pm, August 18, 2004

Do you rent or own? ... Those wings, you ANGEL.

Dammit to puss-spewing blood-gutted hell!

Oh the lethargy. Haven't written anything of substance in QUITE some time. Why is drinking so much fun? I mean, I can't imagine how these famous authors managed to be alcoholics AND get as much shit done as they did. Really, all I'm doing here is half-assing both the writing and the alcoholism. They were using FULL ASS for BOTH.

I wanna write right now (I wanna rock-right-now. I wanna rock-right-now) but I'm not inspired enough. And, any wit I may have had during my good, long dry spell this winter/spring has completely dissipated.

So, when work starts up for me (oh, it'll start up, even if I have to flip burgers or empty out bedpans), I should be in a better frame of mind.

As for right now, meditation. I wanna finish this first fucking chapter of this new fucking book I'm trying to fucking write.

Current Mood: My Brain: Unmitigated Crap
Current Music: White Zombie - Welcome To Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag

2004-08-19 02:00 am
I just realized that I've never actually been to your Livejournal site. I've always read your posts through my friends page. Weird. Nice color scheme.

2004-08-19 02:02 am
...and why is my name pink on your friends page?!? Make me lime green =O