(My Life In Photographs).

3:08 am, August 19, 2004

You know, I'm trying to chart the progression, figure out where it all went wrong, right?

As a baby, I was cute as fuck. Man, I was precious, pinch my cheeks and call me SUNSHINE!

OK, so on through my toddler years, still a little button.

During my elementary school years, I'm a little more pudgy (euphemistic synonyms: portly, stout, husky - a personal fave, chunky, you get the idea). Still not too bad. Got a gut, hey, I like my candy and soda, yeah? Yeah.

You know, I have WAY too many photographs of myself in my youth, let's move along to adolesence. In my early teenage years, you can see a great increase in extra-large t-shirts. We're moving up the scale to fattikins. This is interesting. Not obese YET, but on the way.

Keep turning the pages ... wait. Where did I go? Oh, I see where it all went wrong now! It's that period of my life that went unphotographed! It's all making sense to me now! My rock bottom coincided with a drastic decrease in photo-ops.

You know, I've taken a lot of gay photographs in my day, but the one where I'm like 9 and my brother's like 4 and the K-Mart dude has us hugging in a sitting position - me with my spike haircut, my brother in that phase of his life where he was unable to smile like a NORMAL person (18 years and counting now ...) - I'm telling you. My parents will never live that one down!

By the way, it is WEIRD seeing my Uncle Mike way back when he was only 3/4 alcohol (instead of the 59/60 he is today). I mean, black hair, lucid expression ...

Uhh huh, here's a picture of me, last week, giving my life-sized Uma Thurman poster the shocker . . . the ravages of alcohol.

Of course, none of these pictures I'm looking at right now come CLOSE to my recently snapped Washington State Driver's License. Remember, the next time any of you see me, ask to see it. It's a GEM.

Oh, and by the way, Pete, if you read this, I WANT to get a copy of the snapshots of me with the broken eye! Tell me you either made doubles or still have the film!

Current Mood: I'm anything when I'm high
Current Music: Marilyn Manson - Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World

From Pete
2004-08-20 07:26 am
You'll have your picks. I've just been waiting to give them to you until I saw you next.

From Pete II
2004-08-20 07:27 am
And when I say picks, I totally mean pics. It's 4:30am right now, give me some credit.