It's NOT gonna rain!.

3:49 pm, August 22, 2004

I pray for the future of the 4W4L Flag Football Team

I couldn't count the number of times Colivers hiked the ball to the sand instead of the quarterback. Seriously, I'm gonna have to go out and teach him the right way to throw a football between your legs.

Highlight of the Camping Trip: It wasn't all the beer I drank [something like 27 and a few shots of Citron in two days]; it wasn't all the hotdogs I ate [8 Armour dogs, 1 Wrangler, couple pieces of sausage]; it wasn't the victory of beach football over Kon's Redmond cronies (plus Colivers) [The World - 9, Reverett - 7, quite a thorough DRUBBING]; it wasn't even the opportunity to squeeze Colivers' left boob. I'm gonna have to say the tag-team log chop is right at the top of the list [Eric and Colivers also getting in on most of the action], followed by hearing about Eddie getting an up-close and personal viewing of Pete's ding-a-ling [Now nicknamed forever as "The Dragon"].

OK, so I'm hurtin right now. My insides are officially a disaster area (Government aid is on the way, the Red Cross has been alerted). La Bala de Plata followed by Natty Ice, throw in those fucking hot dogs and a COMPLETE lack of sleep thanks to a lot of wetness and a lot of kids who needed to be smacked around a little bit.

Of course, all of this couldn't have been accomplished without the help of others. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Julie for pretty much doing EVERYTHING while I sat on my ass like a worthless lump (yeah yeah, what else WOULD you expect?). This was my trip and Julie was gracious enough to do my entire job.

I'd like to thank Colivers (man, that's mulitple mentions in the same entry for the Vers. Pretty impressive) for the INSANELY cool autobiography of The Boz (The Boz . . . The Vers . . . is there a little SIMILARITY there?).

Gotta thank the Pete-man, my favorite Wise-Crackin' Jew, for the impeccable bloody eyeball pictures and a sampling of the new racist jokes he's learned.

Big props to Eric for cooking, Eddie for laughing, Jessica for puking, Juli for driving us to the store to get wood and unsweetened, unlemoned iced tea and Texas Toast, Kon for taking the ONE time I didn't pass a heart and mooning all over my chest, Gracielle for the BEST s'mores in the history of drunken camping, and Megan for making the trip all the way from Seattle even though it was raining, to partake in the festivities and providing a female ass for my toes to poke while I was passed out, even though it didn't actually happen this time.

Kon, I'm not forgetting that Hank's Longboards shirt. DAMMIT! Who packs three shirts? Who ARE these people?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I haven't showered in a while. Although, today I DID drop the stinkiest brick after I got back. I know you wanted to know all about that.

Useful Fact of Note: Eddie poops every day at 6:10 am to 6:16 (you know, or 6:11 to 6:17, etc). I don't know when, I don't know why, but someday that information is going to come in REALLY handy.

Current Mood: I will NOT say "The Vers"
Current Music: Marilyn Manson - The Death Song

2004-08-23 12:32 am
Who knew I was Jewish?

2004-08-23 12:57 am
damn it steve...pete's weiner is not "the dragon" ... it's "the dragon fetus" that the whole lj world knows what time i poop each morning, i suddenly do not feel so safe anymore. at LEAST i'm super super ridiculously regular =D

The Vers
2004-08-23 12:34 pm
Steve, what is this about fearing for 4W4L football? Are you stepping down? I'm not playing, I though you were going to handle the duties again. Otherwise they are going to have to count on Kon, and that may just get ugly. You gotta keep the position, otherwise there are just going to be too many holes in the line. You know you love the Vers, you'll be saying it again in no time.

Re: The Vers
2004-08-23 05:30 pm
Damn you people and your reduction of nickname syllables! Yeah, I probably WILL be saying the damn fuckin' Vers from now on. This is REDICULOUS!

You know, I completely forgot you won't be playing this year. The line is gonna TANK without us. I really doubt I'll be able to sack up and find the time off every week. Seriously, this puts Kon as center and then who? Devin? Matt? Matt does have experience . . . I guess there's always Nate. 4W4L should just break down and recruit Bruce for the line.

Re: The Vers
2004-08-23 09:12 pm
Bruce! Bruce! Bruce! Bruce!