Possibly the Most Exciting Game of Backyard Baseball EVER.

10:11 pm, August 28, 2004

Dig it. Matt and Myself vs. Jake and my brother Josh. Team UW vs. Team J-Lo (Josh: J, Jacob Lodge: Lo).

I'm the pitcher, Jake's the other pitcher. First inning, I give up a run. OK, not a problem. My brother, just getting out of bed five minutes prior, is lacing singles all over the field.

I hit a solo homer to tie it at one. I can see already, this game doesn't have a very good feel. Might I lose for the first time this year???

I'm struggling early on. Every inning, I'm in trouble, runners all over the place. Team J-Lo score three more runs somewhere in the third or fourth inning.

Now, Team UW is down 4-1. Matt's struggling at the plate, I'm not getting much to hit. Jake is definitely having the game of his life.

Come around to the 7th inning, Jake's wall inning. He hits the wall EVERY TIME in the 7th inning. I'm at second base, Matt rolls a single right over first base. Two runs score. We're down by 1, 4-3.

Top of the 8th, Jake gets a leadoff double, Josh advances him to third on a sharp single to the outfield. No outs, and I SHUT THEM DOWN.

That takes us to the bottom of the 9th, because Matt and I squandered runners in the 8th. Still 4-3. I'm at the plate, Matt's at first. I line a long double in the gap, Matt scores from 1st, the game's tied! Eventually, we get a runner to third base, but no further.

Extra innings.

Jake and Josh combine for a run in the 10th even though I'm still throwing the fucking heat. We're down 5-4 going into the bottom.

Finally! With me at 2nd base, Matt comes through in the clutch with a single to score me. We load the bases, because Jake's afraid to pitch to me and Matt's been sucking it up a bit. With me at third, Matt's at the plate with one out. Jake throws his pitch over the fence. Wild Pitch, Walk-Off Walk.

I jump for joy, we have a gay hug-fest, and yes, it's true, I'm still undefeated. A robust 14-0 (19-0 Overall). This 6-5 Victory will live on as one of the greatest comebacks of all time.

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Steve is all talk
2004-08-29 07:16 pm
Sure Steve talks a big game, but he just doensn't back it up. I had plans to go down there Sunday morning/afternoon and slaughter him and his Tacoma cronies, but he bailed on me. It's okay, I realize Steve is just scared. This is Konstantin.

Re: Steve is all talk
2004-08-29 07:36 pm
Man, you should have talked to Kon on Sunday. I could hear the hurt in his voice. He refused to hang out with me on Sunday just because he had it planned for the famous backyard baseball. Forget it Steve, your record is tainted now.

Bitch ass Honkies
2004-08-29 08:14 pm
Yeah, fuck off "both" of you (whoever the bitch is, posting after Konstantin, you can doubley suck it). Who was the one who was afraid to take time off of work to come down here? Not a full DAY, mind you, but a few fucking hours.

Oh, and it's 5pm now, JUST LIKE I SAID, and I'm back home from the baseball game, but WHERE ARE YOU?

Don't give me that tainted record bullshit. You wanna see the ticket? Ninth row, behind the dugout (which is actually five rows back, because the seating starts with row five behind the Mariners dugout). Me and my dad, we were the dorks waiting in line for J.J. Putz's autograph (oh yeah, I got it, take a look at my scorecard, beeotch).

So, you know what, as far as I'm concerned, I gave Kon a chance to come on Sunday. But, you know what, I bet he wouldn't have even showed! Tacoma's a long ass drive and I don't think he was about to make a second trip in the same year. It's the kind of thing I'd expect from a Vage-Konstantin.

And, if bitch number two is Vage-Andrés, well then, STOP DRINKING WATER!!!