To Kill Everyone Is To Love Everyone.

9:19 pm, September 1, 2004

What has two legs and doesn't even get the decency of a phone call to tell him he's been rejected from a slam-dunk job offer? -- A walking blender!

So, I've got T-minus 4 weeks to find some way to get money. See, my dad's been really cool about not charging rent or anything since I've been living here the last . . . well, now I'd be counting the months on my toes as well. Hey, it's better than a lot of people get and in no way am I complaining. With the aerospace industry as it is, and not enough airplanes getting shot down in Iraq as once would have been (say, World War II or even Vietnam for Christ's sake), money's a little tight. No problem. As is the 200 bucks a month not a problem (starting October 1st, I might add). You know I'd be more than willing to pay even more for the cause, because I like this house. It's where I've lived for the most part since '89 or so. This room has been my room since, I wanna say '92, ever since my parents realized the bedroom downstairs with the walk-in closet provided more than sufficent living space (at least, better served than the damned "guest room"). I don't wanna see my dad have to sell his home so he can buy some cheap piece of crap land in Gig Harbor and have to battle the insufferable Narrows Bridge traffic (soon to be accompanied with a 5-10 dollar toll, thanks to the second bridge being built right along side it).

You could say I'm more than willing to take any job that comes my way, thanks to the fucks at the Hilton NOT giving me their precious swing/graveyard shift. Oh, the guy likes me so much, he's not willing to give me a chance. I guess that's what I get for quitting a job a week into it, assuming I'm gonna get more stability from someone I considered a straight shooter (Yes, I AM a terrible judge of people on first impression).

Four weeks. But, we all know how long it takes to actually LAND a job. These stupid fucks sit on the resumes for at LEAST a week, and then there's all the interviews. So, it's really only TWO weeks I have to find a job. Which means I better get skull crackin'. Gonna hit the pavement (with my fist) tomorrow and see what's shakin'. Gotta assume (making an ass out of u and me) that, with all the students going back to school in a month, places are gonna want to fill their soon-to-be vacated positions. I also gotta assume that my resume sucks so I'll have to take some piece of shit job I could have just as easily gotten straight out of high school.

"TAYLOR! I thought I told you to SALT those fries! And, God-DAMN it, what did I tell you about giving people Chocolate shakes when they asked for Strawberry???"

Hey, if Corky can get a fucking cushy McDonalds job, I've GOT to be able to swing SOMETHING.

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2004-09-02 04:17 am
Here's some advice to save money:
Don't start a coke habit. I've spent at least 50 bucks a week the last month. It's fun, but kind of a money pit.
That's all the advice I have. Time to cut up another line with my Seattle Public Library card. Did the city KNOW that they're perfect to cut up coke with? I think so.

2004-09-02 04:32 am
BTW: FUCK THE DRIP! It tastes bad.

2004-09-02 06:18 am
Who the fuck ARE you people? DAMMIT! Leave names!

Fuck the drip? What does THAT mean? Coffee?

Also, Mr. or Ms. Coke fiend, I'm not trying to save money, I'm trying to MAKE money.

You want a good way to quit the coke habit? Switch to Pepsi. If that fails, go with crack. Cheap substitute and it'll get you HIIIIGH as a MAH-FAH

2004-09-03 03:02 am
The drip is what happens in the back of your throat because snorting makes your nose run and gives you "the drip." Not to be confused with "Livin' La Vida Loca," which was a Ricky Martin hit a few decades ago. Whatever happened to that hot tamale anyway?