The epitome of health as a trainer, hope this goes over well.

8:04 pm, September 2, 2004

Well, I've got two months to whip my brother into shape.

Today we took it easy. Ran a mile, half downhill half uphill. He ALMOST made it all the way, but really, this was his second time running since ... I wanna say May.

Here's the plan. Josh wants to be a cop, right? Well, the po-po don't just take any rube right outta college. Especially Tacoma Communtiy College. I mean, there are priorities. Odds are mucho better they take you after you've spent some time in the military.

But, Josh can't just sign up today and think he's gonna have any kind of good Boot Camp experience. He's out of shape as all hell. Well, not all hell, but he needs work. Needs to cut back from the 12 cans of Coca Cola a day, needs to cut down on the pizza and candy.

Needs to be able to run A MILE, and then a few more besides. Needs to build up his body so he doesn't go in there as the 97 pound weakling getting sand kicked in his face.

Enter the Steve.

I'm not sayin' I'm Charles Atlas here, but I know a thing or two. I know the importance of starting out your initial workouts slowly so you don't kill your body. I know the importance of running every day. I know how to lift weights and how much to lift and how often.

And, since I've been most slackerific this summer, it's almost like we're starting at the same level. I may have more endurance in the running department, but he'll easily pass me in time. Gotta get it so he can run the two mile in under 14 minutes. For the army, the requirement is 2 miles in 16, but Josh is thinking Marines have more clout with the Police Acadamy (and this ain't your Leslie Nielson Police Acadamy). I want him able to run five or six miles at a time before he tries to go to boot camp. I want him, after running those five or six miles, to perform a good push-up, sit-up, weight-lifting regimine. Boot Camp ain't no walk through the daisies. It's up before the sun, bust your ass, break for breakfast, bust your ass, break for lunch, bust your ass, and then for good measure, bust your ass some more after dinner.

As far as the soda scenario, I don't think there's any stopping cold turkey with this kid. I mean, he's not me here (then again, it's my belief I just substituted the soda in my life for beer, so really how well did I do?). So, I've got a plan. For every soda he drinks, he has to drink a glass of water. And not just pound it! But, drink it at his leisure.

And Peteman, if you're reading this, if you have any pointers on proper diet (keeping in mind, we gotta keep this thing within a budget) I'm all ears.

Two months to make him into a military man. Oh yeah, and the parental units have no idea. I know my mom is MOST against either of us joining the military. Imagine, she doesn't like the idea of us getting killed in a stupid ass war we really shouldn't have started in the first place. Then again, Josh has been for the Iraq war from the beginning. I've always pushed him to have a mind of his own. Looking like that attitude's gonna put him smack in the middle of the most pointless military skirmish since Vietnam. But, that doesn't mean I'm gonna have him go there without proper body-preperation.

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