Let's just say I stopped caring..

4:38 pm, September 10, 2004

I'm not a woman, so what do I care if abortion is sent back to the dark alleys to be performed with wire coat-hangers because new Bush-appointed Supreme Court Justices are put into place?

I'm not gonna be around in a hundred or a thousand years, so what do I care if the weather heats up to beyond bearable, the sun's UV rays broil everyone alive, and we're all forced to walk around with special masks because we can no longer breathe the air we were meant to have?

I'm not gay, so who cares if gay marriage is banned by the Constitution?

I'm not poor, so what do I care if jobs are being outsourced to other countries?

I'm not Black or Asian or Latino or Native American or female or handicapped, wo what do I care about Affirmative Action or Civil Liberties? I'm making 25 cents more on the dollar than ANY of these groups! AND I don't have to deal with any profiling or racist comments in the workplace.

I'm not in the armed forces, so let's just go bomb the fuck out of every country that disagrees with us. I won't get killed; I won't have to suffer in the heat and the sand; I won't have to wonder if I'm gonna make it back home to see my child grow up; I won't have to worry about losing a limb or my mind upon return from battle.

I'm not living in a foreign country, so who gives a fuck about foreign policy? For all I care, the rest of the world can go to hell!

I don't care about living or dying, so bring on the Cancer! And fuck your health care, I don't need it!

You know what? I don't care about voting either. Disenfranchise the minorities! Misplace our ballots! Fix the system so there can be no paper trail and the person with the most money and crooked connections will win all the elections!

As long as I've got my O.C. and my new Wilco album and my never-ending potential supply of pornography and my refrigerator with a television in it and one of them kick-ass phones with the Internet capabilities, I don't give a FUCK about what goes on outside my little bubble. Just get out of my way and for God's sake, stop interrupting my favorite TV shows with your fucking political preemptions!

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2004-09-13 08:31 pm UTC
I hear ya brother, right on!