You know, another terrorist attack on U.S. soil days before the election would REALLY hit the spot..

1:49 am, September 10, 2004

I can't fucking stand the pussiness of these Democrats of ours in this fucking country.

It takes a fucking fortnight to trounce these fucking Swift Boat ads, all the while the RNC's going on and everything the Dems had going for them as far as momentum has gone down the shitter.

You can't let the opponent dictate where the action goes! If you're always backpeddling and playing defense, you're never gonna go anywhere.

So, once again it comes down to the debates and that scares the hell out of me. Because in debate it's all about personality. The main topic could be: "Child Rape is Bad, pro or con" and you could GIVE the con side to the person with more personality and they'd win 9 out of 10 times. Why? Because nobody wants to listen to some windbag drone on and on, boring the hell out of everybody. Especially when that windbag has an argument everyone knows and expects, even AGREES with. The people want to hear something different and, if you present it in such a way as to NOT cause sleep with drooling, you have the upper hand.

And, I'm not gonna lie to you here, the majority of people in this country comprise the demographic of people I like to call "Morons." Now, these Mo's are not poliltically active; they don't keep up on the issues of John Fuck Everyman, only those issues that are beaten over our heads on a daily basis. It's not all that apparent to the Mo's that our environment is going down the shitter. The Mo's don't read the articles that tell us about how global warming is affecting our world right now - just look at all the hurricanes. Look at all the drought in the world (oh wait, I forgot, Mo's don't care SHIT about the rest of the world; which would be why the collosal crisis in Africa from famine to AIDS to a 44 year life expectancy goes so far under the radar you could fly a fucking 747 into it). Look at the upcoming El Nino once AGAIN about to plague the Pacific Rim. These weather problems come directly from our shifting climate to one of great danger. But, you know, who cares about something so global that could eventually lead to the destruction of our planet when there are students in Russia being attacked by terrorists?

Because, really, this is what it's all about. Whoever you elect, you're not gonna get rid of poverty. You're not gonna save the environment overnight. Unethical business practices will never come to a halt. But TERRORISM, that's our hot button issue right now and, as long as the government chooses to scare the fuck out of everyone, there it shall remain. Kinda like back when we thought drugs were gonna bring an end to our society as we knew it. Kinda like how we thought Communism would end civilization as we knew it.

Well, you know what? This ain't World War III. This ain't even World War II! Japan as a country collectively attacked us. So, what did we do? We took 'em out. Well, Iraq never came out and attacked us. In fact, they had very little, IF ANY, responsibility in the attacks against us, aside from, (and I can only assume) a wry smile at the misfortune of a country with a bloated ego from a leader who wanted very little to do with us anyway. And, as an aside here, we aided Japan in their reconstruction and eventually they became a quality power in the world. You're NEVER gonna see a replication of that with Iraq, because that area is just fucked beyond belief.

But, of course, the Mo's of the world don't wanna hear the truth. They just want what's easy to swallow (and believe me, the Mo's of this country swallow EVERY time, like the good little whores that they are). So, Bush will stand there at his podium, and Kerry will stand at his. And Kerry will play the part of Mr. Windbag telling us what we already know: "It's not okay to rape little children because the deficit this administration has put our country in will make it so the wealthiest 1% of our country . . ." *COLLECTIVE SNORING FROM THE WORLD*

And Bush will play the part of the halfwit with the heart of gold; he'll speak in small sentences using terminology we're all well familiar with, feeding us a line of bullshit so long our gag reflex will be in constant fluctuation. "I'm here to tell you that child rape isn't that bad. Because as long as the terrorists plot against us, there will always be more dangers out there. Heeh Heeh, my opponent would like you to believe that child rape is an impeding threat against this great country, but I'm here to tell you that, unlike Mr. Kerry, I love America."

And Bush'll "win" because the Mo's are just that, Mo's (like how I defined a word with itself? See, I can be pres-o-dint too).

At least Washington State is enjoying an 8% lead in Kerry's favor.

8 more weeks until I move to Canada (oh wait, with the impending Conscription bill awaiting approval AFTER the election, Canada and the U.S. are in cahoots to make sure our freedom-loving draft-dodgers can't hide in America's Attic. Guess I better start paddling to Switzerland now.

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