Stolen Idea from Michael's Journal (Why do I love these lists so?).

7:47 pm, September 14, 2004

Five Things You May Not Know About My Time in School Are:

1) I took a glut of African American history/sociology in my first two years of college. It helped me understand their plight that much more.

2) In 1st grade, I missed, over the whole year, about 31 days due to illness. We found it, it was allergies and a low-level asthma (sucks to your ass-mar!)

3) For about two years in middle school, a bunch of kids who hung out with me didn't know my real name. They knew me as "Norm" like Norm from Cheers, because every day in 7th grade I would collect attendance. And, in this one class, every time I walked in, they'd cheer out, "Norm!" just like in the show. Because, you know, we're both big guys and we both sorta walked in the same way. It didn't matter if they were taking a test or the teacher was talking, all the kids stopped paying attention and chanted out "Norm!" It ultimately spread to other classes and I didn't really care, but one of the teachers didn't like it that they were making fun of me in that way and tried to put a stop to it. But, I didn't really care.

4) In high school, I skipped so many times in this one P.E. class that, in order to pass, I had to go in and swim after school.

5) In 4th grade, me and a bunch of our friends got in trouble for throwing rocks in this huge mud puddle on the field. We were sent to the principal's office and told to call our parents to tell them what we'd done. I called my mom and her response was, "So?"

Five Things You May Not Know About the Job (Jobs) I Have (or Had) are:

1)I once pulled weeds for a full week at a used car dealership before I quit, citing a "new job" with my friend's dad's roofing company.

2)When I worked at All Fund Mortgage, collecting information for their database, I got paid 25 cents per call, making an average of $10/hour.

3)I was a carnie for the Puyallup Fair for about 10 days before I contracted Bell's Palsy (a stupid disease that parallyzes half your face, yet wouldn't prevent 99% of people from working. I was just a lazy bastard.)

4)I once applied to QFC here in Tacoma when I was 16. They gave the job to a guy I knew, who has since gone on to make his own low-budget porno movies.

5)While working at the fair, I got yelled at for letting a kid hop the fence while the Carousel was moving so he could get on the ride with his brother, without paying the tickets. I also got yelled at because the ride was 4 tickets at the time, and I turned away this lady who only had three. My boss said it was late, and since they were her last tickets, I should just let her get on.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Online Life are:

1)I still have never spent money on porn.

2)I'm a huge AIM spy, leaving my away message up while I'm sitting RIGHT HERE!

3)I probably read my own live journal more than anyone else (is that vain?).

4)My brother and I enjoy going into online Spades games, pretending to be anything from gay lovers, to German Philanthropists, to radical KKK members. People tend to just abandon their games, which is partly the reason why we're so unbeatable.

5),,,,, and the Ebert and Leonard Pitts Jr. pages are visited daily.

Five Things You May Not Know About Where I Live are:

1)Lived in Tacoma all my life, moved into this house in March of 1988.

2)People who live here their entire lives are either insufferably boring or incredible pricks.

3)The smelter was imploded in the early 90s, but the smell still remains.

4)Arsenio Hall made fun of "The Aroma of Tacoma" on his nightly talk show and the city sent him a letter condemning his jokes.

5)I went to high school with Miss Washington 2001, but she did NOT make the finalists of Miss America; I also went to high school with someone who ended up being a Playboy centerfold.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Core Personality are:

1) I'm much more serious and dull when I'm not around my friends.

2) I constantly analyze every little detail of certain situations, wondering if I could've done or said something differently.

3) I couldn't really give a fuck if I have a lot of money, yet I always want stuff.

4) I'll go out of my way to help most people, even if it's a complete hassle or detracts from something else I was gonna do.

5) Lying isn't second nature to me; it's my first nature.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Home Life are:

1) I'll spend all but an hour of my day in my room unless I've got something attracting me to the outside world.

2) I'll generally go days without talking to my mother, and weeks without calling anyone else in my family, even though I've got nothing to do and nothing's stopping me from picking up a phone.

3) I pretty much hate watching television with my family, because they have horrible taste in shows/channels.

4) The bulk of my time is used up doing useless shit like this and listening to music. I shit you not, I'll listen to up to 10 albums a day or more.

5) The only thing that keeps me sane when I'm stuck in Tacoma are all the pictures I tape up around my desk-area of my friends.

Five Things You May Not Know that I Desperately Want Are:

1) My own Rolling Stone column.

2) To move about as far away from here within five years.

3) To live in another country for a spell.

4) To have a girlfriend who doesn't really care about marriage but has a wicked cool cd collection and a quirky fashion sense ALL THE TIME.

5) A drum set and a place to shred!

Five Embarrassing Admissions I Have That You May Not Know are:

1) I've only been caught masturbating one time, back when I was 14 or 15; I made DAMN sure never to make THAT mistake again.

2) In all of high school, I never went to any dances and only attended one social function outside of school that I can think of.

3) I have a titanic fear of rejection.

4) I can't pee in a urinal unless I REALLY have to go, because I've got this complex that tells me everyone in the room's staring at me. I guess, I just can't pee when I think people are watching.

5) I also have this fear that people are always talking about me when I'm not around and what these people are saying is NEVER good.

Five Things You May Not Know About What I Do in a Typical Day are:

1) Lately, I haven't been able to go to sleep without watching an hour of Roseanne and an hour of Cheers on Nick @ Nite and/or TV Land.

2) I'm typically drumming my fingers on things constantly, even if music isn't being played.

3) I drink about 12 glasses of iced tea every day. I pee about half as many times.

4) I have to watch some kind of sitcom or cartoon show when I'm eating a meal. I can't just read or listen to music, nor can I watch news or some random sport. It HAS to be a sitcom or cartoon.

5) I pretty much have to lock the dog in my room with me while I'm in here the 23 hours a day, because he's been caught peeing on things right in front of my dad.

Five Things You May Not Know that are Really Important to Me:

1) Remembering birthdays. It's a must.

2) Spending as little time in Tacoma, and spending that time with my friends.

3) Never, ever, letting myself get near halfway as big as I was.

4) Living long enough to buy and listen to the new Guns N' Roses album, whenever the fuck it comes out.

5) Somehow finding a way to get over my fears.

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2004-09-17 03:12 am UTC (link)
This live journal thing is so much more convenient than actually TALKING to people. Here, you can aloofly observe from a distance. whether people even know you know is not known. so for people like me who hate people (no exceptions) it works well.