Here's something highly fucked up..

1:45 pm, September 21, 2004

This is why I hate, and therefore you should all hate the 1 on 1 on 1 backyard baseball games. The discrepency.

We play these games over a period of 8 innings, because that way everyone pitches to everyone for four innings (switching the order after the fourth inning).

Now, after two innings, I'm winning 11-1-0, because my brother walked me about 13 times in the first inning. That one run? That's off Jake to my brother. I'm pitching a shutout.

After FOUR innings, I'm now losing 16-11-0. Yes, that's right, Jake gave up 15 runs over the course of two innings; and I was stuck in the outfield forever, out of my groove, arm getting stiff, and I'm STILL pitching a shutout.

After Six innings, the score is now 16-11-5. Jake has managed to score a big fiver off my brother. Meanwhile, my brother has all of one hit against me.

And, finally, after the 8th and final inning, the score is 16-12-5. Yes, I finally managed to score on a solo-homer off of Jake. See, everything I'd hit off him before that would be so eternally crushed foul over the house that we'd lose it in orbit. But, still, an out over the house nonetheless.

Oh yeah, and I pitched 8 scoreless fucking innings. In a non-winning effort. I'm not officially taking the loss, because this one REEKS of no-decision. I HAD no decision in the matter! You can't be at fault if you fucking strike everyone out!!!

So, I lower my ERA 20 points, I throw my 15th Complete Game in 19 games, my 4th shutout of the season, I seriously probably gave up 6 hits or so all day, and I don't win.

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2004-09-23 05:16 pm UTC (link)
steve stop whining because you lost fair and your face