The whole truth and nothing but the Douche!.

2:22 pm, September 24, 2004

Beat you to the Douchey PUNCH! Here's the transcript of my demise and eventual comeback

SnWbRdRsArAh: wow
SnWbRdRsArAh: i have no words
SnWbRdRsArAh: you douche stick
MondayNightSteve: I have that effect
MondayNightSteve: Douche pie
SnWbRdRsArAh: douche piss
MondayNightSteve: Douche ring
SnWbRdRsArAh: douchy anus
SnWbRdRsArAh: i so win
MondayNightSteve: douchey sack!
MondayNightSteve: YES
SnWbRdRsArAh: douchey taint
MondayNightSteve: douchey choad
SnWbRdRsArAh: douche grundle
MondayNightSteve: Douche Roid
SnWbRdRsArAh: douchey dildo
MondayNightSteve: Douchey Felcher!
SnWbRdRsArAh: douchey queef
SnWbRdRsArAh: douchey vagisil
MondayNightSteve: Argh! Why didn't I think of that? Douchey P.U.D.
SnWbRdRsArAh: and i'm done
SnWbRdRsArAh: dude i'm saving this
MondayNightSteve: hahaha, nice
SnWbRdRsArAh: and i'm posting it on your website just to show everyone that i won the name game
SnWbRdRsArAh: bow to me for i am your god
MondayNightSteve: OK Douch-rethra
SnWbRdRsArAh: fuck...
MondayNightSteve: ha HA
SnWbRdRsArAh: douchasaraus rex
MondayNightSteve: Douch-tilla the Hun!
MondayNightSteve: Douchey Howser M.D.!!!
MondayNightSteve: SUCK IT
SnWbRdRsArAh: fuck...
SnWbRdRsArAh: i'm going to take a shower
MondayNightSteve: You think of a good one
SnWbRdRsArAh: yeah yeah
MondayNightSteve: Take ALL the time you need

SnWbRdRsArAh Away Message: shower, fuck you douche taylor

Possible alternate Douche-Names thought of afterward:

Douche Crust
Douchey Punch
Douchey Decimal System

and, my personal favorite, kinda wish I'd thought of it sooner, crushing her in the grip of reason:

Douche-land Steamer

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Current Music: The Walkmen - Thinking Of A Dream

2004-09-25 02:32 pm
How about:
Doucheoleon Dynamite
The Incredible Douche
Douchea Abdul

Lastly and my favorite:

The Big Douchebowski

2004-09-27 11:08 pm
this isn't over Douche W. Bush, prepare for the worst

War is hell / When will it end?
2004-09-28 04:23 am (local) (link)
The battle has only BEGUN, Douchey Sanchez, Daisy Douche, Douche of Earl, Douche Cheney, Douched Salad, Douchey Trombone, Death Cab for Douchey, Arnold Douchenegger, Douchald Trump, Pretty Girls Make Douche, Douchiffer Aniston, Douche Collier, Mary Kate and Ashley Doucheson, Douchegis Kahn, Luke Douchewalker, Douched And Confused, Super Douchers, Douche-Tang Clan, Douchie Does Dallas,