Jane, you ignorant slut!.

12:36 am, September 29, 2004

Rockstar Energy Drink, 2 for 3 dollars. And they're twice the fucking size of those damned over-priced Red Bulls and taste the fucking same!

Monday morning, 9am the alarm goes off. 15 minutes of fading in and out to Howard Stern and ...

10am, the alarm goes off. This is after staying up until 3:30, which is coming off a day where I stayed up till 5:30am and got up at 10 for football.

Sluggish? You fucking betcha. But, I had to paint. Making money from my mom seems to be my only source of income (SEEMS TO BE? Ha, fuck that! It's the ONLY source). I'm painting these long boards that they're gonna use for siding on her house. Some kind of creamy green color, on a white trim. Yeah, whatever.

After three hours of that, my legs seriously wanted to fuck my shit up. Constant crouching, standing up, crouching, scratch my butt, crouching, get paint all over my face, crouching, jump like a little girl because a spider crawled next to my hand.

Then it was Rockstar. Two of them, and a big cup of Iced Tea. Why all the caffeine? Well, I had to get up to Seattle for HAPPY HOUR!

Meg wanted to hit the bars in Pioneer Square because, really, we're all a little too familiar with the University Way bars by now (perhaps myself more than anyone - I say, next time I'm in Tommy's, Mark's brother gets a tea-bagging courtesy of two of the hairiest balls West of the Mississippi).

Started with a Jack and Coke. My stars, it's been TOO long. I was seriously drooling after I got a whiff of my beloved Jack Daniels. And, a little stiffie, but that's a story for another drink. One beer and it's off to another bar. This one for pool.

Actually, we stopped first at this shithole that had only one table, and this fat woman was challenging Meg to a game of Billiards. Thrice her size, Meg decided against it, but talked hella shit once out of earshot.

Then it was pool. Promptly lost the first practice game. To Megan. Megan Spencer. Yes, I know, that's like losing to the 49ers, but what can you do? Had a beer, feelin' fine. Played a second game, kicked her ASS. Won myself a drink. Something called the "Untitled" having to do with hard A and Red Bull. I went with that, with my reasoning being that it would help keep me level for the drive home.

We go visit Chris Morrison and Mike Patterson at Chris's new apartment. Same building as before, only three floors down. Got the whole story, well, not the WHOLE story, but the final story about how David Michael Manni pissed off his roommates and screwed them over. Evidently, D.M. Squared decided to throw a party right before everyone moved out. Actually, Ian and Chris were already out, but Dave threw one anyway. I haven't seen the pictures, but I hear there are pictures. Evidently, Dave and his cronies caused over 800 dollars worth of damage in one night. And, ALL the roommates were stuck with the bill.

Short story short, I don't think Dave will be invited to the Patterson Twins' 21st birthday this Thursday night. How funny is that, Mike was born on Sept. 30th, and Ian was born Oct. 1st, minutes apart.

I'm still deciding if I should go. I don't know if I can handle two drinking binges of the 21st birthday calibre in the same 6 day period. After all, I've gotta save up all my strength for fucking over Kon on the 5th.

Not a drop of beer shall touch your gullet, C-man! It's me and Mark as Bad Cop/Bad Cop. A veritable "Training Day" as he put it. We're playing the part of Denzel, and you're the rookie.

I didn't know you smoked PCP ...

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2004-09-29 06:48 pm
Megan beat you? Sorry!

Does Chris live with the Pattersons? I haven't seen any of them in so long... tell all of old 4W hello for me.