You're Drunk Again! -- No, I'm just exhausted because I've been up all night drinkin'.

1:57 am, September 30, 2004

The only good thing about being too old to have a 21-run of your own is that you get to go to EVERYBODY elses.

If I had to count, and believe me, that's no easy task ... you know what, let's just go with the rundown of the ones I can remember.

Nate was the first. Yes, it was just me and Nate. Two old roomies hitting the bars, with NATE buying all my drinks because I was a poor bastard at the time (seems to me not much has changed in that time). So, yeah, that was pretty much like a male date. I'm not gonna lie to you, though, we got to be bitter bastards when we got back, causing a ruckus on 4-West.

The next one down the line would be Handsome Bubba (worthless without the K and E). Now, if memory serves me correctly, that was the night Mark and his brothers and their friends came down and I made a drunken $50 bet on the Huskies beating the favored and more talented (at the time) Oregon Ducks with a guy who went to Oregon. Yeah, the Husky football team won and, yeah, I still have yet to see that $50. Also, I believe, that was the SECOND time I was denied entrance into Earls. This coming because his Ducky friend tackled me outside the bar, and I was just WAY too rowdy to be let in. Probably for the best, since Earls likes to load the drinks up. So, I got to be a huge dorkus and watch through the window. Then, I got the brilliant idea that wind-sprints down the Ave would sober me up enough so they'd HAVE to let me in the bar. Yeah, that just led to Mario running after me, trying to save me from being hit by traffic.

Now, I wanna say Juli's was next, although I don't remember going to any bars. Hmm ...

By the calendar, we'd say the Vers was next, although getting alcohol down that kid's like getting a 13 year old girl to drink a rufie-colada ... not that I've tried that or anything.

Next on our list is Lance Peteman, the Wise-Cracking Jew. Now, THAT was a 21-run for the ages. I do believe that was when I went up to do karaoke and when I returned, Pete promptly downed both of the Jack Daniels shots I purchased at Eric's cajoling, even though one of those was supposed to be for me. Pete left the three Prairie Fires and the Black and Gold for Nate and Mark while he went to the middle of Finn McCools and puked all over the floor. And, while Pete was recovering in his bedroom, Mark and I got into a wrestling match where he'll tell you that he won, but then again, I wasn't the one who couldn't hear out of one ear for a week.

Up next on our list is Megan! Well, let's see, her birthday is in Early June, so those who were legal had finals to study for; and her other friends were underage. That pretty much left me until I got Mark and Adam to step up to the plate. Playing pool and a responsible 2 hours of drinking was had by all.

And that leaves Matt. Mid-June, so everyone who's in town got a chance to witness quite the spectacle. Once again, we found our party ending at Finn McCools, where Matt and I both went up to sing "Fight For Your Right (To Party)" by the Beasties. Well, we couldn't hear the song over all the booing and yelling, so we were off the mark the entire time (although, I'm sure all the DRINKING didn't really help our coherence). As it turns out, they weren't necessarily booing our lack of timing, but rather Matt's Green Bay shirt he was wearing the entire time. Evidently Seahawks fans die hard when it comes to Overtime Playoff losses. Once again, Finn McCool's floor was greeted by a batch of puking, this time at the stomach of Matt. I managed to meander my way into the TOILET for my puking, as I took down a last-minute White Russian. Curdled cream and alcohol after a bunch of beer and shots, probably not the best idea. You know, passing out at that toilet would've suited me just fine, as I was already on the floor with my pants and boxers down around my ankles - hey, I had to pee too, all right! Luckily, someone noticed my absence and returned to get me out. Methinks it was Mark, always on top of the rounding up of all the sloppy drunks.

It's been a quiet summer thus far, but in the next week, we're looking at three 21sters. Mike on the 30th, Ian on the 1st, and Kon on the 5th. Now, the Mike and Ian show I'm sure I'll be able to handle just fine, say thankya. But, for the C-man, well, let's just say there's gonna be serious ass-ramage. He won't shit right for a week. Mark, I'll be looking to crash at your pad again, as I have a feeling Finn McCools hasn't seen the last of some 4-West vomiting.

Boy howdy, that'll be it for a while, won't it? Well, you KNOW Kon's is gonna be for the ages.

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2004-09-30 02:23 pm
Just wait until the end of May for mine. Everyone will be 21 so who knows what will ensue. It'll be like a fuckin riot. Yeah...happy birthday Kon, watch your corn hole.