Go Kansas Shitty Go!.

4:43 pm, October 4, 2004

Here's the plan, tonight I watch Monday Night Football. Kansas City is at Baltimore. If the Chefs win, I win a hundred bucks. Simple as that.

Now, if they DON'T win, then I'm gonna come back on here and rip every team that fucked me over this week a new asshole.

Everyone, go watch Super Size Me and then try to eat fast food. Seriously, I think I've lost all my McDesire to eat that shit ever again. We played a drinking game last night where we drank once whenever anyone said Super Size and twice when they said the whole thing "Super Size Me"

We drank, also, whenever anyone on the documentary drank; and whenever the guy took a bite from a sandwich (burger, fish burger, egg mcmuffin).

Needless to say, I forget how the movie ends. I think he died or something.

Also, fucking Curtis Conway cost me big time in that shitty 49er game. I said he wouldn't catch any more than 4 balls. He had zero at halftime, but ended the game with like 7. Had to shotgun two fucking beers because of that ass! Then, another later on when I lost back to back bumper pool games! But, you know, I was hopped up on the 40 I bought.

Current Mood: Please don't suck KC! PLEASE
Current Music: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Another Morning Stoner