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6:48 pm, October 6, 2004

So, around 8:00 last night I was pretty fucking hungry. That's when we went to the Emigrant for dinner, a pre-funk of food before the festivities, with Mark, Matt, Pete, Eddie, and the birthday boy of the evening, Kon.

The guest list ballooned around 9:00 on into 10:00, with Colivers, Juli, Eric, Nate (definitely NOT a douchey Redmond guy), James, Andres, Molly, Kelsey, Julie, Eileen, Ian, Mike, Megan, Mario, Kim, Samson, Samson's chick, and then later on, Natasha, Mel, and some douchey guys from Redmond.

Let's see if I can remember the drink order. Kon ended up with 13 finished, although some of those were packed with shots, and the rest were mostly JUST shots.

I got him started with an Irish Carbomb, then he went on to two prarie fires, a blowjob, a Crown Royale shot from yours truly, some Wild Turkey, and then it was on to Earls for an Alabama Slammer he nursed to no end, with more shots sprinkled in, then on to our final destination Tommys for a Jaeger Bomb (yeah, he had jaeger shots earlier too) and I think one more drink after that.

We played pool, we couldn't find a karaoke night for Kon sadly. Kon got his spankings in, though I don't think the Vers or myself got up to 21. My only real regret, and I KNOW Kon shares this, is that David Michael Manni didn't show up after I invited him and all.

Then, in the upstairs of Tommys, Kon made it into the bathroom for his final stand.

He puked in both urinals, and added a little more for the garbage can. I got pictures of him mid-stream, thank you very much. Pete and Eddie got him to his room where, ahh, the highlight of the evening,

Kon, in the middle of the night, with no one watching and thus, no witnesses, opened up his dresser drawer, dropped his pants, and urinated all over his shirts. The next day, we had to smell it to believe it, and oh yeah, it's pee.

But, like I said, at least he didn't piss his pants or his bed. That's a Festivus miracle if I've ever seen one.

I, on the other hand, slept at Mark and Mario's in the oh so comfortable futon bed they set up for me, NOT peeing all over myself and possessions. Got into a wrestling match with Mark in which I DOMINATED, although it ended a draw as we knocked over a pot with dirt going everywhere.

It was a sick morning, but I eventually made it home. I think the two episodes of Saved By The Bell helped in my recovery. Some people thank God, I think the wonderful kids at Bayside High.

Fuck Valley!!!

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In my defense
2004-10-07 01:57 am
We still don't know what the mystery fluid was. Steve, only you identified the smell of urine. Granted, you are an expert in wetting things, but three other people couldn't confirm the nature of liquid beyond a reasonable doubt.

Re: In my defense
2004-10-07 02:08 pm
Yes, that's right, Kon. You just got up in the middle of the night without remembering, went out to the kitchen and poured yourself a glass of water, went BACK to your bedroom and poured it in your dresser drawer, then returned the glass to the kitchen and went back to bed WITHOUT any pants on, since you started your night of sleep WITH your pants on.

Yeah, but it's not urine, of course not. You have WAY more self control than that.

You think you're BETTER than me? It's GO time!!!

2004-10-07 10:34 am (local) (link)
i sure hope he didn't rub one out into his drawers ::EWWWWWW::

beep buh beep buh buh buh beep go bayside :)