All right, who slipped me the Spanish Fly?.

7:58 pm, October 17, 2004

I woke up today hornier than usual. Then I realized that I REALLY had to pee. I guess that means I had a lot to drink last night.

On a side note, there's nothing more intrinsically evil than the pee-boner first thing in the morning. First of all, there's nothing you can do. You can't control it, it's just gonna happen. And it happens . . . EVERY DAY. Then, you know, if you're staying over with friends or whatever, sleeping on their couch, and they wake up before you, they're treated to a free showing if you're not properly covered by the blanket. See, normally when you get a hard on, it's because you're turned on by someone and you're getting ready for action. But, the pee boner, that's just a bunch of urine built up. And, it's not like you can even pee anyway, because your dick's all hard!

But, I digress.

I got to Seattle yesterday around 7pm. Had to pee like a motherfucker then too, but that's because I drank too much Iced Tea on the way up. Of course, I get to the apartment and nobody's home. I squeeze my legs together, hobbling across the street to Julie's house and . . . nobody's home. So, I peed on that dark pathway between the house and the street. Then, I walked to the bar. The Emigrant. I was there about an hour watching a pointless Red Sox game, scoring 8 runs and losing by over twice as many. Took two doubles of Rockstar and the Vodka from the well. I didn't realize how drunk that got me until Mark and Kon and Mario and everyone got there. I went straight to beer after that.

So, you know, it was a lot of drinking and a lot of pool playing. One game it was me and Mark vs. Kon and Andrés. They got ahead of us, but I bounced back in my final turn to knock in four in a row, but we ended up losing by one. Even threats of me whipping out my cock n' balls couldn't phase Kon - though Andrés sucked as many balls as his partner knocked in. I must say, I expected more skeelz from the man.

Well, Matt and Mario saw me gettin' a little rambunctious and decided it was time to ski-daddle. And, as a policy, Mario doesn't like to walk down University Way after dark. So, we took Brooklyn. Just in time to witness not one but TWO drug deals. When we passed the Safeway, the guys were standing around, looking this way and that, VERY conspicuous. They said, "Sup," to us and, of course, not one to keep my mouth shut, I kept repeating "Sup" over and over again. Then, a little further down Brooklyn, there were other guys standing around. One of them whistled, notifying his buddies that there were people approaching. Well, I was in no condition to whistle, so I just mimicked the sound in sort of a squeal. Over and ... over again. Matt and Mario were praying that these dudes didn't kick my ass.

Promptly got back to Mark and Mario's and promptly passed out in my usual Futon bed. Woke up today and got the finishing touches for my Halloween costume. Got home and developed the film of the night before. I must say, there are TOO MANY shots of people playing pool. But, then again, there really wasn't too much going on in the way of movement.

Oh, and by the way, Jessica, this may be of interest to you. Got the Toga Party pictures developed. There are plenty of classic shots, as usual, I'm my same badass self when it comes to drunken photography. But, one in particular takes the cake. Let me just say this:

"Jessica and Julie, sittin' in a tree ..."


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2004-10-17 11:09 pm
Toga Party? The one on Friday night at Jake/whoever's house on 8th & 45th that I was at? Or were there multiple toga parties? hahaha

I love drug deals on Brooklyn. They're my favorite.

2004-10-18 10:21 pm
Oh, there were multiple toga parties. And you KNOW my toga beat all ass around town. My gear was fly, yo.

Now, you DID wear a toga to the party you went to, right? Because, there's nothing lamer than people who show up at a toga party in polo-shirts and khaki pants

2004-10-18 11:31 pm
well, I wasn't wearing a polo shirt OR khaki pants.
but I was too stoned to remember a toga...

2004-10-18 03:42 am
Julie is one sexy mama. I would like to see that picture the next time you come up =)