USC - 38 UW - 0 ... FUCK!.

3:21 pm, October 24, 2004

Pounding Big Sarah's ass has never been this much fun.

So, I started drinking on the ride up to Bellingham. As soon as it was time for me to stop driving, I dumped the rest of my Jim Beam into my Nalgene bottle full of iced tea. Yeah, it's about as appetizing as it sounds.

From the car, stopping only once to pee, we went to a bar in B-ham. Had a bunch of beer at the bar. Got to see the Huskies hold USC to 10 points at half. From that point, things start getting fuzzy.

Jake and I caught a ride from Jake's friends to Big Sarah's. Now, I think we went to the store to buy beer. Drank some more beer and then it was time for the show.

Ryan Stiles: funniest improv man on the planet. He had a whole group of people there, four others I believe, and they were all pretty damn hilarious. Thing is, I couldn't really tell you what in particular was funny, but I know I was laughing my ass off the entire time.

Evidently, I was being a loud ass in the line. I think I was singing the theme song to Team America repeatedly. I do remember Big S chastizing me quite a bit.

After the show, it was party time. I suck at foosball. I hate foosball. If I never play foosball again it'll be too soon. Take my uncoordination, combine it with a shitload of beer, and we were lucky to score ANY goals. Plus, they wouldn't let me spin the players. I know it's bushleague, but I don't fucking care! I suck and this way I'm at least decent. It was the only time I scored any goals, and I scored twice.

Well, the party got broken up by the cops, and it turns out the three owners have to pay 250 bucks. That's pretty damn shitty. We left the party eventually and went back to Big Sarah's to watch Ace Ventura and drink some more. Needless to say, there was a Nalgene bottle full of warm beer in the morning because I'm a stupid beer-wasting fucking idiot.

Oh yeah, and Jake and I took all our aggression out on Big Sarah's ass in the form of sustained punching. Ahh, good times.

And, after everything, I didn't COMPLETELY piss off Big S. I even got some kick-ass playing cards from Mexico with female asses on the backs. Don't know what her friends think of me . . . I can only imagine a complete ban on all things Steve when it comes to drinking. Meh, whadda ya gonna do. I gotta be me, painful as that may be.

Current Mood: I love my ass-cards
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steve being a douche
2004-10-24 09:13 pm
Sounds like you don't remember quite a bit because you left out most of the ridiculously annoying things you did and said last night. There was one quote however that stuck with me," I love my tea and my (hot)dogs and you can make fun of me but don't you dare make fun of my fucking dogs." Man that one was good.