Yep, I'll be running these damn checks through November 12th..

4:50 pm, October 26, 2004

Fuck, so today's Tuesday, October 26th. And my brother leaves for San Diego for boot camp on Sunday, October 31st.

Thought I had another week. This is gonna put a huge damper on the Halloween weekend; a holiday fast becoming my favorite of the year, Thanksgiving running a close second, and with Kwanza coming in third.

So, here's the deal. I don't think he's physically ready yet, but he's MUCH better off than he was two months ago. Problem is, I wonder if he's mentally ready for the rigors. This will be a huge culture shock from the daily sleeping in till three, playing computer games and listening to techno music all day, rarely if ever leaving the house. Not to mention a disciplinary attitude that's pretty much been non-existant throughout his lifetime (well, mine too).

Hey, at least he can drink and cuss like a sailor. Although, he won't be a navy man. Nor an Air Force cadet like we all wanted. Nope, his stubborn mind has settled on the Marines and much like his political bent, cannot be swayed by my rational argument.

See, this is why we've gotta vote the president out right here. This war in Iraq will go on indefinitely with our current administration. Now, I'm not saying it'll be any better with Kerry in office, but we're more likely to get the help we need over there, not to mention the proper leadership with Kerry running the show.

Of course, both parents are deathly afraid of losing their second child. I'll take that one step further. My family absolutely can NOT lose my brother. There's no way they'd be able to deal. It's something that'd never be said out loud, but it's a given fact that he's the favorite. That's not just a lack of ego speaking. That's the damn truth. Now, if the credentials for Favorite Son stood on accomplishments alone, I'd have the edge, having actually graduated High School, not to mention college. But, what we're talking about is personality. He's always gotten along better with the family than me. Pretty much throughout my teenage years, I kept myself estranged from the parental units and almost all of the extended family. As it stands now, I'm either in my bedroom or out of the house FAR more than I am conversing or spending time with the parentals.

So, as it stands, if he's taken out of the equation, it's just a catastrophic blow. Not only would I lose a brother, but I'd lose my buffer. As long as he's here, he can take most of the attention away from the fact that I'm a douche-sneeze still living at home at 23.

Shit. There isn't enough time. And this job is killing my days. I don't even want to know how my parents will react to having their young-un at boot camp. Eh, maybe it won't be so bad. After all, after the divorce, we all secretly figured my dad might hit the sauce extra hard and he went ahead and did the opposite.

You better believe that Josh's gonna get massive amounts of mail and packages from yours truly. And, when he gets back, he'll be 19 by then, and it's off to Canada for a birthday bash. Gotta hold on to that thought.

Because we all know I'm an optimist at heart ...

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2004-10-27 04:17 am
Steve -
Sorry to hear the news. Hopefully all goes well on the 2nd and he doesn't have to deal with all that warring stuff. Anyways, did you ever get my e-mail? I sent it like 3 times from different e-mails, I don't know what the fuck is going on. I missed 5 I think, but hopefully you get one of the fucking e-mails. Alright, if not you can verify this weekend or something. See you this weekend, in what I know will be a kick ass costume on your part. Anyways, hope the work week treats you OK. Later,