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5:49 am, November 4, 2004

So, I guess I should say something.

They broke down the demographic of people who voted for Bush. Church goers. Parents. Poor whites. Non-college educated whites.

So, Bush won the idiot vote hands down.

It boggles the mind that people would vote for Bush because they think he's a good guy. Or because Kerry is "Boring." FUCK BORING! DO YOU THINK HE'D MAKE A GOOD PRES-O-DINT???

People who vote like that shouldn't have the vote. Plain and simple. You should have to take a test. If you can't pass a minimum requirement on the ISSUES, then you can't vote. You can't vote for Bush because his father was president and it'd be cool to see a father-son combo elected. You can't vote for Kerry because Bush has trouble spouting simple sentences. You can't vote for Bush because he says he prays before he goes to bed. You can't vote for Kerry just because your parents vote Democrat. You've got to know something about what the president is responsible for.

So, now the Republicans own the Legislative and Executive branches of government. Over the next four years, they'll also own the Judicial branch. So much of what we care about will revert back to 1950s fear and paranoia and BLAND.

We need the revolution. We need the war to get out of control. We need constant protesting. We need the draft to light a fire under our asses. We need unemployment to reach an all-time high. We need another Stock Market crash.

We need these idiots to come to their senses that this Terrorist "Threat" is much like the Communist "Threat". In thirty or forty years, we'll realize that further terrorist threats on this country are quite unlikely, but it'll never fully go away. So, we'll just have to live with it.

And we need another hero. We need more revolutionaries. We need another JFK and RFK. Another MLK and Malcom X. We need a figure so beloved by the masses that the establishment will have no other recourse than to assassinate him.

Only then will the American public wake up and realize how fucked up things are right now.

Who would've thought that crazy old dude at the Compound in Port Angeles had it right all along? He didn't vote because he knew our country needed Bush to win so we'd hit rock bottom. There's no doubt in my mind. Rock bottom isn't just on the horizon; it lies at the next offramp. And we're all getting off at the next exit.

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2004-11-04 10:45 am
and if you noticed, all the urban, high tech states like the west coast and new england area voted democrat...all the other worthless states voted republican :'(