Pizza and Beer with Dad at the Bar tonight.

7:22 am, November 20, 2004

I had a dream last night during my 12 and a half hours of sleep (more sleep than any of YOU bitches on a Friday night I guarantee).

Along with the usual things I dream about - sex with my mother, shoving an infant headfirst into a swimming pool until the bubbles stop, the zombies from the Michael Jackson "Thriller" video breaking into my house - there was one scene that caught my attention.

I was with a group of people; I don't think they were friends. I don't think they were friends because we were about to smoke a j and I was ill at ease the entire time, for it was not my j and I didn't want to fuck up the rotation. I was second in the circle and when I took it, the j suddenly burned way too fast and singed my fingers. I dropped it and the j fucking burned itself out on the blanket it fell upon. The look of disgust among my peers was obvious and I was shunned from the group.

Now, I can take this as a sign that my body's going through some delayed withdrawals. It's been quite a while since I got high, a couple months at least, but even then I was too drunk to enjoy the high.

Or, I can take this as a sign that Mr. Mackey was right all along. "Drugs are bad, mmm kay. Mari-ju-wana's bad."

Or, it could simply mean I need to listen to this little Cheech and Chong number, called "Mexican Americans"

Mexican Americans don't just like to get into gang fights
They like flowers, and music, and white girls named Debbie too

Mexican Americans are named Chata, and Chella, and Chema
And have a son-in-law named Jeff

Mexican Americans don't like to get up early, in the morning, but they have to
So they do it, real slow

Mexican Americans love education, so they go to night school
And take Spanish, and get a B

Mexican Americans love their nanas, and their no-nos, and their nee-naws
And their nee-nos, na-nu na-nu, nee-na, no-no

Mexcian Americans don't like to go to the movies where the dude has to wear contact lenses
To make his blue eyes brown, 'cause don't they make my brown eyes blue!

And thats all I got how do you like it

oh ya thats good

Its like a protest tune

ya I dig that but while you were singing that I wrote another tune

oh ya

its like the same thing only different wanna hear it

ya lets hear it

its more rock n roll

alright well get down

i have to work more on the lyrics but its kinda like that

ya thats heavy

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