(Continued Debt Problems).

9:43 pm, November 21, 2004

So, on the plus side, I dropped 845 bucks on one of my credit cards to fully pay it off. On the down side, I've got about fifty bucks in my bank and another card that's reaching its breaking point. But, like all my wheelings and dealings, I've got a plan.

Don't spend money.

Yes, for many people, people with what I like to call "Will Power" (honestly never heard of the term before; had to look it up), this is a simple endeavor. For someone like me, I have to bend it slightly.

Now, I've got a full gas tank that should take me through the rest of the week just fine. Hopefully I'll get the 32 hours this week by working on Friday. I'll have a check for 2 weeks ago coming in tomorrow that'll give me close to 300 bucks. Go ahead and plop that down on the card when I get a chance. Then, on the 29th, I'll get paid for this last week. 40 hours, 3 hundred and something dollars. 200 will have to go to rent. Hopefully, I'll get picked up for more work in December. If that works out, I figure to use that whole month to get my shit together.

But, there's that wrench again. Since Jake and I are gonna try to get an apartment in January, I'm gonna have to find a way to come up with 600 bucks up front. All in all, these are gonna be lean times. Christmas shouldn't be too much of a hassle. But, I'm gonna have to seriously cut out all unnecessary expenditures. God damn, another month would be ideal

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