Kon really sucks at typing ... and I'M the one who's drunk right now!.

2:21 am, November 21, 2004

onemanpack: so did you hit the bars with your dad tonight?
MondayNightSteve: AH bar, and it was so fucking full of Cougar fans I wanted to kill myself. And, of course, as soon as we left, the Huskies brought it to within 3. Man, I woulda been ALL OVER THOSE BITCHES
onemanpack: dude
onemanpack: you missed the best part
MondayNightSteve: What's that?
onemanpack: 3 with 4 minutes left!!!
onemanpack: one fucking stop
onemanpack: one god dman stop
MondayNightSteve: I know, I saw that
MondayNightSteve: I got back just as the Huskies brought it to within 3
onemanpack: we would've had the ball at the 30-35 with 3:30
MondayNightSteve: Corey Paus will be a dead man the next time I see him
onemanpack: Casey
MondayNightSteve: Not simply a gay man, but a dead man
onemanpack: god
onemanpack: he lost it for us
MondayNightSteve: Corey Paus will rue the day
onemanpack: 3 more pics AGAIN
onemanpack: Casey
onemanpack: one was in the redzone
onemanpack: thats a god damn tie right there
MondayNightSteve: 41 turnovers this year
MondayNightSteve: I will punch my cock through his brain until he's dead
onemanpack: why not practice on jake first?
MondayNightSteve: That's fucking 10 games or some shit, 41 god motherfucking damn turnovers
MondayNightSteve: How much do you have to suck shit-filled cock before you realize that you should slit your own throat before playing another game for my fucking college team
MondayNightSteve: Gilby will die a painful death
MondayNightSteve: I will make sure of that.
onemanpack: stanback played so well too
onemanpack: all his passes were dead on
onemanpack: that one to cahmbers for a TD, and the conversion was a real C-man-like pass!
onemanpack: chambers had to reach with all his might to bring it in
onemanpack: aight c-man
onemanpack: it's bed time
onemanpack: you drikn yoursorrow away

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