Stupid Spoiled Whore.

10:37 pm, December 1, 2004

You should really see me when I run nowadays, it's a sight to be sure.

I've got this Extra Large Australian Surf black sweatshirt (wouldn't know what Australian surfers would need with an extra-large black sweatshirt, but whatever). Got the blue long johns with the grey cut-off sweats-turned-shorts from Schaarminator; the black Shaq basketball shoes because my white running shoes are kicking my ass; my MP3 player with the oversized headphones covering my ears (listening to the new William Shatner track, a cover of Pulp's "Common People"); with my grey gloves on because my hands freeze balls in the almost-freezing weather.

As Lund would say, I'm definitely stylin'. Hey, well, ya know somethin! I ain't gonna be winnin' any pussy at 9:30 at night, running a two-mile loop around my neighborhood in Tacoma, Washington, regardless. Might as well be comfortable.

So, I owe $1599.95 on my $1600 credit card. I figure, by the time my bill's due on December 21st, I'll be able to pay off $1150.95, leaving me with a solid $449 left. However, it appears that my current assignment at the check-processing place will end on December 17th, leaving me with one more check after that for about $330. Now, unless I get re-assigned to something else quick fast and in a hurry, plans for moving out may have to be postponed a month. I'm confident I'll get something going, though.

42. 42 fucking votes. I don't care if this God-damned re-count goes into 2008, we can NOT have Rossi as our governor.

You know, it really makes you wonder where this state would be if Seattle didn't dominate the voting. Seriously, all these republican initiatives and tax breaks get passed CONSTANTLY. Even in Pierce County, you'd think there'd be some King County spillover. No dice. We gave Rossi some of his biggest support. Even the Democrats here always vote down anything involving the slightest increase of taxes.

And that, my friends, is why I've gotta get out of this city. Hypocrisy is just too much.

Gotta go write my brother. He's got pneumonia and a bum leg. Graduation might be postponed if he's even allowed to finish at all. Either way, Dad's buying my plane ticket down there as a part of my Christmas present. Does anyone know anything cool to do in San Diego? Keeping in mind, I'll be hanging with my dad. Yep, two swingin', sexy bachellors hittin' the late January San Diego night life. Maybe we'll find some stupid spoiled whores like Paris Hilton and bring them back to our hotel room to rock their worlds. Can you say, "Holiday Inn Sexpress"?

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2004-12-02 12:48 pm
So you saw last night's South Park...yeah it was absofrickenlutely ridiculous. One to go down in history for sure. Especially the part where her dog shoots itself...never saw that one coming. Oh wait, some of you haven't seen it yet? Oops